Mobile Video Processing on the Fly

Real-time video processing may require some significant smartphone processor power. This means that you need to use vetted algorithms to achieve the best possible performance, building a highly optimized application.

Even a basic video recording task becomes non-trivial when it comes down to applying filters or watermarks and adding objects to the video. We crafted the solution, which uses the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) power to process the videos in real-time. This algorithm leverages time markers to synchronize the edited video and audio buffers.


This intelligent approach allows for increasing application performance for both iOS and Android applications.

While keeping the desired high frame rate of the resulting video, we managed to decrease the battery usage compared to the straight video processing approach, which leverages the smartphone’s CPU.

Improving the built-in mobile OS video editing and processing features, we can easily customize our highly optimized and secure solutions to meet your application goals.

Using remote cameras

Remote cameras may come in handy for the fun and games industry: you can attach the compatible device to drones or other radio controlled toys and control them using a live view from the remote camera.

We used the common Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to build an application prototype, which allows for watching live video from the smartphone’s camera on the screen of a connected device. Using the RTSP server with video and audio codecs allows us to bring sound into the broadcast.

Our RTSP solution supports direct video broadcast and doesn’t require an intermediate server. In fact, the streaming device automatically becomes the server.

We implemented a small buffer to make the video broadcast smooth. This buffer brings a small time lag (around 2-3 seconds) into the broadcast, but at the same time, it ensures that the users would not see any artifacts even if the Wi-Fi connection speed is slow. Contact us to learn how we can customize this proven solution to build a video streaming application to meet your goals.

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