How social networking applications can help grow your business

In the modern world, people are desperately looking for apps which help them make the best of their devices. Social media networks let us interact not only with each other, but also with our favorite brands, services, and games via social media applications. Moreover, businesses can use social networks to connect with their customers directly.

At DB Best, we leverage the power of social media networks to take your business to another level. We create interactive social media applications that help people communicate with each other as well as help business owners reach their audience. Advertising, gamification, in-app purchases – we implement the most effective app monetization strategies to make a successful app for you.

How we create brilliant social networking apps

When creating social networking media, it is necessary to implement a number of specific technologies such as:

  • User communication
  • Online mobile payment solutions
  • Data storage and integration
  • Connection with existing social media networks
  • Data encryption
  • Interaction with 3rd party services

We have extensive experience in leveraging the latest technologies to implement these features. We start with the clear understanding of our customers’ needs. After that, we thoroughly analyze the requirements and begin to research available technologies. We then demonstrate possible design options in order to deliver a detailed vision of the future project with precise financial and risk analysis. All this helps us find a unique niche while developing a social networks app.

Moreover, we provide support to our customers at all development stages, paying special attention to ensuring that your app meets App Store and Google Play requirements.

As a result, our customers get easy-to-use and intuitive social networking apps that let users communicate, entertain, get smarter, and buy things in an effortless way.

Amazing Chat Solutions

The DB Best application development team has created a number of successful chat applications. For example, we crafted the world’s first sound messenger to break the silence in modern messaging. We worked with animated emojis before it became mainstream.


Using our own proprietary XMPP-based chat module, we crafted the messaging application from scratch in a short period of time. We’ve got some extensive experience in creating WebRTC-based chat apps as well.

However, not only did we develop specific chat applications, but we’ve got a number of proven solutions to use chat services as an additional application feature as well. We can opt for integrating Twilio service into your mobile application, for example.

We can even come up with a cost-effective Firebase database solution, which is great for startups building applications. Simply integrating the required Google cloud services together, the Firebase-based applications are simple to build and easy to scale when needed.

Are ChatBots in your future?

ChatBots are a great way to provide automated conversations with customers or perform actions as part of a chat workflow, enhancing customer experiences without requiring human interaction. Our team of developers are ready to help you expand your service offerings with intelligent cloud-based chatbot technologies including the Azure Bot Service, Amazon serverless features like Lex and Lambda, and Google Cloud Dialogflow.

Social networking app for moms

The Momdezvous application is a social network built specially for mothers of young children. It helps them communicate and coordinate with other nearby mothers. The goal of Momdezvous is to organize joint leisure activities. The app contains a built-in chat to allow users to communicate within the application.

One of the cool features of the Momdezvous app is anonymous matching operation, where users press the Like button on others’ profiles.


When two likes match each other, users can start communicating to arrange playdates or other social events. When searching for new friends, users can consider their geolocation as well as the age range of mothers and children. Thus, users can find interesting connections nearby and easily communicate and spend time together.

Watch our video review where we discuss technical features of this project and the way we approached this application development project.

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