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SAP ASE (formally Sybase)

If you are using older versions of Sybase ASE, we can help you address your performance, high availability, and security needs. We can also help you address issues with your PowerBuilder solutions.

Featured services for SAP ASE (formally Sybase)

Here is a sample of the services that we provide to customers like you to support your SAP ASE databases.

Using SAP ASE with SQL Server application unification to reduce migration risks

A financial service software provider needed to upgrade their customer-facing applications to SQL Server while keeping their Sybase ASE database. Our Sybase SQL Server Application Unification process allowed them to use SQL Server as a new database engine. Using SQL Server allowed our client to meet regulations that required high availability features such as Always On along with Transparent Data Encryption to secure their financial data.


We came up with a way to create an identical version of their existing Sybase ASE database running in SQL Server environment and performed some code unification that allowed the Power Builder front-end application to interact with both databases. With our unification solution, the customer can easily upgrade the application using one version of their source code in the future. Ultimately, the customer’s system now meets the rigorous high availability and encryption industry standards.

The following video shows how we used this innovative Sybase SQL Server application unification approach to meet our customer’s requirements.

Here are some of the technologies that we use at DB Best to help you move your SAP ASE solutions to the cloud, improve data integration with cloud services, or potentially migrate them to other database platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, or Amazon RDS Aurora MySQL/PostgreSQL.