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Cross-platform Solutions

Our cross-platform mobile application development services provide clients with the ease of publishing their apps instantly, without the headache of additional configuration.

Cross-platform benefits

Reach out to millions of mobile devices by building cross-platform mobile applications in Visual Studio, Xamarin, and Unity.

There are several key benefits of cross-platform mobile development. Some benefits include the ability to leverage the desktop experience on mobile devices and use the same source code to deploy applications for various mobile platforms. These solutions are well suited for enterprise environments in multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, and entertainment.

With a variety of our mobile development solutions, you can extend the user interface experience from the desktop to the phone and tablet while keeping up to 90% of the source code.

Broad horizons

DB Best uses cutting-edge technologies to develop mobile applications. For example, we use Xamarin™ cross-platform development tools to write iOSAndroid, and desktop (Windows or Mac) apps with native user interfaces using the same source code shared across multiple platforms.

Xamarin cross-platform development

We can also develop cross-platform applications using C# in Microsoft Visual Studio. If you need to develop a game, we can leverage Unity™ — another great cross-platform solution to engage millions of mobile customers.

Developing mobile applications, you should always make a right decision about the back-end solution. Deciding between infrastructure and platform back-end services, you should keep in mind the degree of control and customizability versus speed of deployment and ease of maintenance. Our experienced solution architects can help you make the right decision across the variety of available options, providing you with a powerful, scalable, yet cost-effective back-end cloud solution for your iOS and Android applications. We can leverage Azure Mobile, AWS Mobile, or Google Cloud Platform Mobile services to ensure your app will get off to a flying start.

We provide the full application development lifecycle, including databases or cloud services. Our developers are fluent in a variety of cloud application development platforms that give you the flexibility of deploying supporting services using your choice of cloud providers.

We stay current with latest mobile development technologies. For example, we can assist you in supporting Cortana in applications. Voice command recognition, delivered by Speech SDK, makes life easier on all your mobile devices.