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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a great tool for small departmental applications. However, at some point, you will need to consider using SQL Server on-premises or on Azure to provide greater security and high availability.


We still find organizations that have thousands of Microsoft Access databases that lack basic operating fundamentals like database backups. These Access solutions often drive business critical functions while running on someone’s desktop computer sitting under their desk!

Depending on the size and scale requirements for your Access solution, we often find that these databases can be migrated to the Basic service tier of Azure SQL Database with minimal effort using tools like the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA).

With the Azure SQL Database, you can run a 2 GB database for less than $5 US per month. This gives you 99.99% guaranteed uptime, with 7 days of automated backup retention.

We can also optimize migrations of your Access Databases to Amazon RDS for SQL server, and Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine virtual machines.

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Trust the team who built the SQL Server Migration Assistant to provide you with SSMA support in migrating your Oracle, SAP ASE, IBM DB2, MySQL, and Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server or Azure SQL Database.

Developing an Access modernization roadmap for highly outdated environment

A major Health Department was running a data system that had been expanding over the years. Eventually, they ended up with a highly outdated and inefficient environment with thousands of Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases. This outdated system presented a number of risks such as performance, scalability, manageability, security issues and frequent database corruptions. This lead to revenue losses because of poor performance. Moreover, such environments are usually not cost-effective with increased operating expenses due to a great number of unnecessary licenses. So, our customer decided to modernize their system, and they turned to DBBest to analyze their complex system and build the most effective Access modernization roadmap.

After analyzing the customer’s system we developed a financial model, where we compared the overall cost of three different modernization scenarios, including the migration to Azure cloud. After that, we built a modernization roadmap for the outdated Access environment. We categorized Access applications according to the business value and then delivered the best modernization strategy for each category.

Ultimately, our modernization roadmap provided the highest performance for mission-critical apps by migrating them to SQL Server. At the same time, the customer saved money by leaving non-critical apps on an upgraded Microsoft Access.

As a result, our customer obtained an agile Microsoft Access modernization roadmap that allowed for the building of a highly scalable and performant system. With our instructions, they could greatly optimize and upgrade their environment with an opportunity to take advantage of Azure cloud. Moreover, our solution allows a substantial reduction in operational costs.

Check out our video to see how we helped our customer to improve operational efficiency and performance with reduced ownership costs and minimized business risks.


As part of our migration project, we offer training, support, consulting, and managed services for your SQL Server solutions on the cloud of your choice. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining the day-to-day operations of your databases and applications, be sure to check out our Operational Data Management service.

If your application needs to scale, our Application Modernization service can help you convert your Access front-end programs to modern web-based architecture using public cloud services, and user interface technologies like HTML5 and AngularJS.

Our development team can also create mobile solutions for iOS and Android platforms as well.

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