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Google Cloud Platform

As a Google partner, we have demonstrated to customers how to migrate workloads from on-premises to Google Cloud Platform VMs that take advantage of the high availability on this exceptional platform.

Featured Google Cloud Technologies

Your data, applications, and server architecture are central to the success of your business. Moving your workloads to Google Cloud can be challenging, complex, and expensive if done incorrectly. We provide hands-on, experience-driven consulting to organizations of all sizes for all things Google Cloud related. Our experts and architects have decades of experience, culminating in robust and effective coverage across all facets of Google Cloud including the infrastructure, data, and applications around it.

Here are some of the featured technologies that we can help you get started with.

Our core services for the Google Cloud

Whether you are looking to lift-and-shift your applications, migrate from old technologies, or create new solutions for your digital transformation initiatives, we are here to help. Here is a sample of our core services that we offer for the Google Cloud.

Getting Started with the Google Cloud Platform

To best understand where you want to go, we recommend starting with a Future-State Architectural Design Engagement. We’ll work with your team you to develop a roadmap on how to modernize your Google Cloud Platform workloads in a fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to satisfy your business users and customers.

We use our modernization methodology and automated tools (internal and third-party) combined with our manual efforts, techniques, and best practices to successfully deliver hundreds of projects for Tier 1 workloads worldwide.

Everybody is talking about the need for a digital transformation, but how do you get there? See how our future-state architecture design can use cutting edge technology to meet your organization’s needs.

Looking to upgrade your old MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases or move them to the GCP? Our Data Management Optimization for Google Cloud service provides you with recommendations and an ROI model to pave a future path for your digital transformation initiatives.

Our Google Cloud SQL Server training one day workshop will get your team up to speed on the best practices for deploying SQL Server on GCP.

Use our expertise in Google Cloud support to supercharge your mission-critical applications and business data infrastructure.

Modernizing your solutions with Google Cloud

There are several ways that you can approach adapting your solutions to the Google Cloud Platform. We have defined these five stages to help customers onboard their solutions.

  • Backup and archival to Google Cloud Storage
  • Stand up Development and test environments using Google Compute Engine instances
  • Migration of your Website to Google App Engine
  • Lift and shift of applications and databases to Google Cloud SQL or Google Compute Engine instances running Microsoft SQL Server
  • Platform migration and modernization to the rich set of Google Cloud Platform services

Learn how DB Best can help your organization in migrating your workloads to Google Cloud Platform.

Check out the short video below to see how we can help you deploy your business solutions to Google Cloud Platform.

Additional technologies for Google Cloud

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help manage your solutions on the Google Cloud, check out the other technology consulting that we offer.

Save time and money by automating your data pipelines with our services based on Cloud Dataflow to minimize latency and maximize utilization. We can easily integrate world’s most famous machine learning framework TensorFlow to bring predictive analytics for a broad range of use cases.

Learn how DB Best can leverage an intelligent cloud data service to visually explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis with Google Cloud Dataprep service.

Cloud Dataproc is a fast, easy-to-use, fully-managed cloud service for running Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters in a simpler, more cost-efficient way. Learn how we can help you with your analytic solutions as part of your data strategy.

Leverage the power of Google Cloud Datalab and get the most out of an interactive tool for data exploration, analysis, visualization and machine learning with DB Best Technologies.

Get the most out of the highly-scalable NoSQL database for your web and mobile applications. Let DB Best create a Google Cloud Datastore solution for your business.

Take advantage of the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine managed service and build machine learning models which work on data of any type or size with DB Best Technologies.

Additional services for Google Cloud

Your data and applications are the essences of your business. DB Best provides expert-driven Google Cloud consulting services to organizations of all sizes on all things mission-critical. Our MVPs and architects have decades of technical experience in all aspects of the Cloud and how it interacts with the infrastructure around it. DB Best’s expansion into the Google Cloud ecosystem ensures the latest Google technology is available for your business to utilize with us.

We offer the following services to accelerate your migration and deployment projects to Google Cloud Platform.

Planning to migrate SQL Server to GCP Compute Engine instances? We can help quickly deploy your databases to the Google Cloud Platform.

Learn how DB Best can help you get the most out of Google Cloud SQL with a cost-effective Migrate MySQL to Google Cloud SQL offer.

Take advantage of the Google Cloud SQL by migrating your PostgreSQL workloads to Google Cloud Platform. DB Best can get you there in a short period of time with Migrate PostgreSQL to Google Cloud SQL offer.

Get the most out of SQL Server hosted on the Google Cloud: attain continuous and non-disruptive operation by optimizing your deployment with experts from DB Best Technologies.

Other GCP Technologies

In addition to our featured services and technologies for Google Cloud Platform, we have experience in these other areas.


  • Compute Engine

  • Container Registry

  • Container Engine

  • Cloud Functions


  • Cloud Virtual Network

  • Cloud VPN

  • Cloud CDN

  • Cloud DNS

  • Cloud InterConnect

  • Cloud Load Balancing


  • Cloud Storage

  • Persistent Disk


  • Cloud SQL

  • Cloud Spanner

  • Cloud Datastore

  • Cloud BigTable

  • Big Query


  • Cloud Source Repositories

  • Cloud SDK Cloud Tools for IntelliJ

  • Cloud Tools for Android Studio

  • Cloud Tools for PowerShell

  • Google Plugin for Eclipse


  • Cloud Resource Manager

  • Google StackDriver

  • Monitoring

  • Logging

  • Error Reporting

  • Trace

  • Debugger

  • Cloud Security Scanner

  • Google Cloud Platform Security

  • Cloud Shell

  • Cloud Console

  • Billing API

  • Cloud APIs


  • Cloud IAM

  • Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy

  • Cloud Key Management Service


  • Cloud DataProc

  • Cloud Dataflow

  • Big Query

  • Google Data Studio

  • Cloud Data Studio

  • Cloud DataPrep


  • Natural Language API

  • Translation API

  • Speech API

  • Vision API

  • Cloud DataLab

  • Cloud Machine Learning Services

Mobile Services

  • Cloud Mobile App

  • Cloud Endpoints

  • Firebase Authentication

  • Cloud Test Lab

  • App Engine

  • Firebase Analytics


  • Cloud IoT Core


  • Cloud Pub/Sub

Learn more

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Because of Oracle Database licensing restrictions, you cannot run Oracle on Google Cloud Compute Engine instances. However, migrating from Oracle to SQL Server on Compute Engine instances or even to Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL are viable options if you want to break-free from Oracle. Check out our Oracle to SQL Server migration whitepaper featuring the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle.

In addition, the processes and tools we use to migrate from Oracle to Amazon Aurora can be applied to migrating to Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.