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Google Cloud Data Platform

See how DB Best can support your cloud-based OLTP needs by leveraging the Google Cloud Data Platform, taking advantage of SQL Server on Compute Engine as well as PostgreSQL and MySQL on Googles managed Cloud SQL service.

Fully-Managed SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL on Google Cloud

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed database service which makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational PostgreSQL BETA and MySQL databases in the cloud. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Cloud SQL offers a high performance, scalable, and convenient infrastructure for applications running anywhere.

This is what we like about running MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads on Google Cloud.

  • Discounts without lock-in.
    Cloud SQL offers per-second billing, automatic sustained use discounts, and instance sizes to fit any budget. Database instances are easy to stop and start. There is no up-front commitment, and with sustained use discounts, you’ll automatically get discounted prices for databases that run continuously.
  • Focus on your application.
    Google manages your database, so you can focus on your applications. Cloud SQL is perfect for WordPress sites, e-commerce applications, CRM tools, geospatial applications, and any other application that is compatible with MySQL or PostgreSQL BETA.
  • Simple & fully managed.
    Cloud SQL is easy to use. It doesn’t require any software installation. It automates all your backups, replication, patches, and updates – while ensuring greater than 99.95% availability, anywhere in the world.
  • Performance & scalability.
    Cloud SQL delivers high performance and scalability with up to 10TB of storage capacity, 40,000 IOPS, and 416GB of RAM per instance.
  • Reliability & security.
    Easily configure replication and backups to protect your data. Go further by enabling automatic failover to make your database highly available (HA). Your data is automatically encrypted and Cloud SQL is SSAE 16, ISO 27001, PCI DSS v3.0, and HIPAA compliant.

Needless to say, there are still challenges when moving your on-premises or hosted MySQL and PostgreSQL databases to Google Cloud SQL and we can help you by applying our best practices for running on the Google Cloud.

OLTP Solution Deployment Challenges on the Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform SQL database service provides a cost-effective and high-performance alternative to other cloud providers for running OLTP workloads.

Here are some of the challenges that our customers expressed with GCP and how DB Best can help overcome the challenges.

Choosing the right cloud offering

How do I decide which database offering on GCP is right for our workloads?

The following decision matrix is simplified below, based on your current on-premises database platform:

  • If you are already running MySQL or PostgreSQL, use the Cloud SQL managed service.
  • If you are already running Microsoft SQL Server, use the SQL Server images powered by the Google Compute Engine.
  • If you are already running Microsoft SQL Server and are looking to reduce your overall operating expenses, consider using DB Best’s Database Migration platform to migrate to Cloud SQL for MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Choosing the right size of the cloud instance

How do you know what size of Compute Engine, or Google Cloud instance to use without overprovisioning?

With DB Best’s DBMsys platform, we monitor your on-premises database performance over a period of time along with information about the server to generate recommendations for sizing across the various services. DBMsys can also make recommendations for combining multiple databases on a single instance to reduce licensing costs for the service if it makes sense.

Featured services for Google's Data Platform

We provide a comprehensive set of features to help you get the most out of the Google Cloud Data Platform for transaction processing workloads.

  • Moving on-premises databases to the same platform
  • Migrating databases from one platform to another
  • Developing cost estimation models for Google Cloud deployments including SQL Server on GCP Compute Engine instances.
  • Creating high availability failover solutions across regions.

Here are some examples of the services that we provide for running online transaction processing workloads on Google Cloud.

Getting Started Offers

We have a variety of getting started offers to help your team deploy database solutions on Google Cloud Platform. We recommend starting with the Future-State Architectural Design Engagement to help build a roadmap for your deployment.

Everybody is talking about the need for a digital transformation, but how do you get there? See how our future-state architecture design can use cutting edge technology to meet your organization’s needs.

Looking to upgrade your old MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases or move them to the GCP? Our Data Management Optimization for Google Cloud service provides you with recommendations and an ROI model to pave a future path for your digital transformation initiatives.

Use our expertise in Google Cloud support to supercharge your mission-critical applications and business data infrastructure.

Our Google Cloud SQL Server training one day workshop will get your team up to speed on the best practices for deploying SQL Server on GCP.

Getting the most out of Google Cloud data platform

At DBBest, we help our customers make the most out of the Google Cloud Platform. We migrate your data to and from the most widely used commercial and open-source databases on the Google Cloud Data Platform, with SQL database services deploying quickly and securely, ensuring minimal downtime, high availability, and scalability. We can help you set up, operate, and support your OLTP workloads on the Google cloud, ensuring that your I/O-intensive workloads will always have sufficient level of IOPS performance. Our DB Best Database Migration platform provides an assessment of what it takes to migrate your existing on-premises databases to migrate to GCP.

Our platform can migrate database schema and data through its automation tools, reducing risks and ensuring a smooth migration with minimal downtime. We have an extensive internal knowledgebase to help convert code that the Database Migration platform doesn’t understand to the target GCP database technology platform of your choice. In addition, our application developers are experts in .NET, Java, JavaScript and other programming frameworks and languages to help you modify the applications which connect to your database so that they will work well with the Google Cloud data platform SQL database services. Check the video to see how we’ve helped our customers with GCP.

Lift and Shift your Databases to Google Cloud

We have a variety of services available to support moving your database solutions to Google Cloud.

Learn how DB Best can help you get the most out of Google Cloud SQL with a cost-effective Migrate MySQL to Google Cloud SQL offer.

Take advantage of the Google Cloud SQL by migrating your PostgreSQL workloads to Google Cloud Platform. DB Best can get you there in a short period of time with Migrate PostgreSQL to Google Cloud SQL offer.

Planning to migrate SQL Server to GCP Compute Engine instances? We can help quickly deploy your databases to the Google Cloud Platform.

Do you like what you see? Please contact us today to see how we can get started!

In many cases, performing a backup of your database, uploading it to Google Cloud Storage, and then restoring the database to either the MySQL / PostgreSQL managed service or to SQL Server running on Compute Engine will work for most non-mission critical databases.

For huge databases, we suggest leveraging either the Google Transfer Appliance or the Google Storage Transfer Service as ways to transfer data from your data center to Google.

For mission-critical databases, we can help you modify your data integration tools to support near real-time replication of the data between your data center and Google. Here are several of our preferred data integration tools that we support for moving data from your current data center or cloud provider to Google Cloud.