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Find out how DB Best creates high-value games and entertainment apps which provide amusing and unique experiences.

The growth of entertainment applications

Modern mobile phones are powerful gaming and entertainment gadgets that can amuse users anytime and anywhere. There is so much high-quality content available which has enhanced and extended the mobile entertainment experience of the user, bringing an exciting new era of innovative engagement.

We at DB Best help clients wishing for customized entertainment & gaming applications by making the best of augmented reality and 2D/3D technologies. We develop compelling apps in the field of social media and entertainment, driving users to consume and share content in entirely new and interesting ways.

Advantages of working with us

Our dedicated entertainment development team converts your raw ideas into stunning applications and games. We take new technologies and test them at our in-house R&D lab in order to deliver 100% proven solutions that enable unique functionality. Additionally, we pay special attention to UI and UX, ensuring apps are intuitive, enjoyable, and engaging.

We have extensive experience in implementing the following features essential for a great app:

  • In-App Purchasing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Location Services
  • User Chat
  • Real-Time Updates.

We develop a wide variety of entertainment mobile applications such as

  • Games
  • Social Networking
  • Educational
  • Traveling
  • E-commerce
  • Brand promotion
  • Weather
  • Content delivery

There are many opportunities we can offer to make your app an instant hit!

Featured Video

Maze game for iOS

The Sheeping Сompany from Paris (France) creates educational video games for children, where parents play an active part along with their kids. The Sheeping Company turned to DB Best to develop the Maze game iOS application for smartphones and tablets. This game was designed to boost kids’ cognitive development, improving gestures, logic, perception, and memory.

We came up with a solution which implements the Unity engine to develop this game. Besides that, we utilized the Procedural Mesh Generation method to build mazes in the application screen. We can customize this proven solution in accordance with any scenario to meet your needs.



Epic Ball Wars is a cross-platform 2D shooter-game, where the main character’s mission is to eliminate the enemies and proceed with the game without losing their life. During the game, the character can navigate within a small map to change the location, as well as collect various bonuses, such as new weapons and armor. The game allows users to choose between a single or multiplayer mode. In single-player mode, the user is offered a selection of bots to play with. When choosing the multiplayer mode, the user is required to invite a number of other players to join them in the created playroom. At the same time, players can decide who’s going to be on their team and whom they will be playing against. When a multiplayer game is created, the game creator’s device acts as a server. Epic Ball Wars is a cross-platform game, which means that it works great on both Android and iOS devices and allows interaction between them.