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Bluetooth Low Energy solutions

Live connected. Experience integration between applications and your smart devices like never before by taking advantage of our in-house Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters.

A world connected

Imagine there’s been a grand opening for a new museum in the city and all of your friends are talking about the cutting edge experience this museum offers. You decide to take a trip yourself to see what all the fuss is about. Right when you walk in your given a badge with your photo and name on it. You’re asked to take a short survey. The test inquires about your knowledge and interest level on different historical topics. After you take the test you walk into a dark room full of HD monitor systems. As you walk closer to each exhibit, the exhibit itself changes to exactly what best suits you based on the information you’ve given in the survey. A museum like this is only one of the many ways Bluetooth LE could and is being utilized to enhance industries and experiences.

Bluetooth LE technology is everywhere, and our experience with Bluetooth LE covers it all. We know everything about the Bluetooth LE specifics because we’ve developed our own transmitters. Small in size (slightly larger than a quarter dollar coin) but huge in action, they can deliver a unique connected experience for your applications. Whether you want to develop applications for exhibitions, movie theaters, rental cars, or smart devices, we have you covered at DB Best.

Bluetooth Low Energy application structure



We’ve seen a variety of areas that benefit from utilizing Bluetooth low energy transmitters.

Security: We’re able to grant access to specific objects using the built-in Bluetooth transmitters contained within customer’s ID cards, we can even track user movement.

Customer Service: We can provide customers with information about goods, exhibits, or other physical objects. We can also deliver GPS guidance for easy accessibility to larger events.

Sales: Salespeople could increase their revenue by updating discount offerings based on relevant user interactions. You won’t need to print new promotions every time you make a new discount offer. Instead, simply make adjustments in the admin panel and the Bluetooth LE tags will deliver it to everybody who’s coming to your booth or shop.

By providing the highest quality for our in-house built Bluetooth LE transmitters, we can deliver a connected system that will meet all your business needs.

The key points of our Bluetooth Low Energy solutions are:

  • Low power consumption which will not drain the battery of connected smartphones or the tags themselves
  • Simple item management from the admin panel
  • Seamless integration of Bluetooth LE tags with any modern smartphone
  • Transmission speeds that allow for providing users with a web link, a short message, a discount offer, or even a product code

Stay connected to smart home ecosystems and upgrade them with new Bluetooth Low Energy sensors from DB Best. Increase the power of your wearable devices with advanced mobile applications from our development team.

Let us amaze you as we unleash the endless power of the wireless Bluetooth Low Energy solutions to improve your business!


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Using iBeacons in mobile applications for exhibitions

While visiting an exhibition, organizers may prefer to use specific mobile applications developed for that particular event. This is even more important if the exhibition is an airplane show, which tends to cover large sparse areas. During the show, users would definitely like to know exactly where they are, what’s around them, and where else they should go. Using map services to implement the previously mentioned features is a fairly simple and common task.

But how do we get information about the various exhibits to visitors? Well, here is where we leverage the unique capabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Be sure to check our blog post on this cool app and watch the following video to learn more about this technology, and other features of our Live Airshow application.