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Augmented Reality

Learn how DB Best can develop an outstanding augmented reality application bringing your customers well beyond the screen of a smartphone.

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is all about adding digital objects to the real-world environment. Most often AR applications integrate the selected 3D model of an object into the live picture of a smartphone’s camera, taking physical objects size into consideration.

A typical example of augmented reality is when you see translated text on a smartphone’s screen instead of the original text simply using the Google Translator application. The most famous AR application, of course, is the legendary Pokémon Go.

Modern smartphones powered by iOS and Android have enough power to leverage AR tasks in real-time, delivering jaw-dropping augmented reality experience straight into your pocket.

Augmented reality technologies

DB Best application development team has vast experience in implementing augmented reality features into amazing mobile applications for Android & iOS. We can leverage the open-source solutions, as well as the latest technology trends like Apple’s ARKit or Qualcomm Vuforia AR platform.

Below, is the basic augmented reality application structure.

Using the live picture from the smartphone’s camera, we can build a wonderful AR video overlay by adding the virtual digital object into the scene.

In addition, we can implement the voice control features so that you can fully enjoy the picture on the smartphone’s screen. Moreover, leveraging the image recognition technology, we can detect and recognize various types of objects in the live camera picture. Once the object is detected, we can perform various actions with it, delivering a really powerful 3D augmented reality solution.

Using Mobile Applications for Augmented Reality Art Buying

One of our clients was looking to create a new business model of selling digital art using an augmented reality art mobile app solution. They identified that the biggest roadblock to selling digital art was that a customer often returned the art piece because it didn’t look right in their home or place of business. We developed the Art for Places and Spaces AFPAS application which allows customers to explore how a certain piece of artwork looks in the intended room before buying it.

Watch the following video to learn more technical details about how augmented reality art buying works.

AR applications benefits

The AR technology has a pretty wide scope of use: education, games, entertainment, navigation, construction, interior design, etc. You can take advantage of the augmented reality technology in any business. For example, we created an AR application for an online store, selling artwork from various artists. With our AFPAS application customers get the ability to explore how a certain piece of artwork looks in the intended room before buying it. This decreases the return rate of art pieces, satisfying both the customer and the vendor.

DB Best application development team has an immersive experience with both commercial projects like Mechanical Reality or our in-house R&D applications.

We can quickly and easily customize the existing research applications to match your company’s own brand identity, style, and business needs. Blending digital objects and live video from a smartphone’s camera, you can dramatically increase sales and profit. Get a taste of the unparalleled augmented reality experience — contact DB Best today to build an AR application of your dream.

Usually, you need to recognize the specific marker to start adding the objects to the live camera picture. The marker is, essentially, a piece of paper with some distinct geometries.

However, we’ve gone even further, leveraging the markerless technology that detects various objects in the real-world environment, such as locations of walls and points of intersection using smartphone sensors. This means that you can use your application basically anywhere, unleashing the full power of augmented reality.