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DB Best developers utilize the latest technology solutions to quickly deploy your unique Android application. Explore our comprehensive experience in building apps for Android.

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According to Google the count of monthly active Android devices has recently reached 2 billion around the globe. Therefore, we believe there’s no better time to fulfill all the needs of these users.

Apart from using standard tools, such as Java and Android SDK to develop our Android apps, there are some custom tools & techniques we use in our everyday work.

Сross-platform communication

We empower our Android apps with a multi-user chat messenger feature with the help of Web Socket or XMPP based chat. See Himynameis, Emojitones, and Momdezvous apps to learn more.


Bundle of Google Services

Advantages of using a bundle of Google Services, such as Google Maps APIs, Directions API, Geolocation API, Places API are best presented in our Momdezvous and Himynameis projects.

Video processing

We are also excited to demonstrate our projects dedicated to video post-processing with filters (Himynameis), video streaming, and 360 video playing.

Key Benefits for Deploying on Android

  • Allows for a wide variety of application variations due to its open source nature
  • Google Play has a much simpler review process for apps, allowing us to quickly and easily monetize your app
  • Fully integrated with Google Services
  • More devices come with Android platform, allowing quick and easy market capture

Join our adventurous exploration of this huge universe!

Using a Neural Network for Face Tracking

See how we can leverage neural networks to add object recognition capabilities to your mobile application by watching the following video!