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Amazon Web Services

As an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, we have done more migrations of on-premises databases to Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift than any other partner in the world. We also built great new products that take advantage of AWS technologies.

Featured Technologies for AWS

Amazon has recognized DB Best Technologies as an Advanced Consulting Partner. What does this mean for you?

  • Our solution architects are not only trained on the AWS technologies, but have the experience of working with customers to move their applications to AWS.
  • Our system and database administrators provide 24×7 support for many customers, going beyond what Amazon CloudWatch provides. We have specialized monitoring tools that check for best practices and can determine when services may need attention based on historical data.
  • Our development team knows how to integrate AWS services into your solutions, often replacing your legacy code with highly tested, secure, and performance services.
  • We are considered a trusted partner with AWS development teams and have helped optimize their Database Migration Services, Relational Database Services, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift based on our proven database experience.

Here are some of our featured technologies that we can help you get started with.

Our core services for AWS

Whether you are looking to lift-and-shift your applications, migrate from old technologies, or create new solutions for your digital transformation initiatives, we are here to help. Here is a sample of our core offerings that we offer for Amazon Web Services.

Getting Started with AWS

To best understand where you want to go, we recommend starting with a Future-State Architectural Design Engagement. We work with your team to develop a roadmap on how to modernize your AWS workloads in a fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to delight your business users and customers.

We use our modernization methodology and automated tools (internal and third-party) combined with our manual efforts, techniques, and best practices to successfully deliver hundreds of projects for Tier 1 workloads worldwide.

Looking to upgrade your old MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL Server databases or move them to the AWS? Our Data Management Optimization (DMO) for AWS service provides you with recommendations and an ROI model for your digital transformation initiatives.

Everybody is talking about the need for a digital transformation, but how do you get there? See how our future-state architecture design can use cutting edge technology to meet your organization’s needs.

Trust the experts with the best knowledge of AWS DMS and the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to help move your on-premises databases to AWS RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift.

In this one-day course on Optimizing SQL Server on AWS RDS training, you will gain a better understanding on how SQL Server works on RDS. Let us help you write better queries and reduce operating costs!

Helping your journey to AWS

There are several ways that you can approach adapting your solutions to Amazon Web Services. We have defined these five stages to help customers onboard their solutions:

  • Backup and archival to S3 storage
  • Stand up development and test environments using EC2 instances
  • Migration of your website to Amazon Lightsail or EC2 instances
  • Lift and shift of applications and databases to Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora
  • Platform migration and modernization to Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, and other services

See how DB Best can help your organization in migrating your workloads to AWS and managing them to perfection.

Check out the short video below to see how we can help you deploy your business solutions to Amazon Web Services.

Supporting AWS Technologies

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your solutions on the AWS cloud, check out the other technologies that we can support your team.

Learn how DB Best can help you analyze data in Amazon S3 by getting the most out of interactive server-less AWS Athena query service.

Configuring Amazon Data Pipeline web service, you can process the data that was locked up in on-premises storages and then efficiently transfer the results to different AWS services.

Leverage the flexibility, speed, and scale of Amazon's NoSQL database service, DynamoDB. See how DB Best can help you create the perfect Amazon DynamoDB solution based on your specific business needs.

DB Best can guide your business to run and scale Apache Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Presto, Hive, and other Big Data Frameworks in the Amazon cloud leveraging Amazon EMR service.

Learn how DB Best can help you collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information with Amazon Kinesis.

Get the most out of a fast, cloud-powered business analytics service with Amazon QuickSight. Learn how DB Best can design a cost-effective BI solution in the Amazon cloud for your business needs.

Additional services for Amazon Cloud

Your data and applications are the essence of your business. DB Best provides AWS consulting services to organizations of all sizes on all things mission-critical. Our architects have decades of technical experience in all aspects of the Cloud and how it interacts with the infrastructure around it. DB Best’s expansion into the AWS ecosystem ensures the latest Amazon cloud technology is available for your business to leverage with us.

We offer the following services to accelerate your migration and deployment projects to Amazon Web Services.

Discover best practices to take advantage of Amazon Redshift's columnar technology and parallel processing capabilities, improving data warehouse performance.

Planning to migrate SQL Server to AWS RDS-EC2 instances? We know how to overcome all issues that may occur as part of the lift-and-shift process to Amazon Web Services.

Looking for a reliable partner to migrate Oracle to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or RDS PostgreSQL? We know how to migrate your Oracle database to AWS in a short period of time.

Discover how we can help our customers migrate MySQL to Amazon Aurora MySQL / RDS MySQL and take advantage of cloud benefits such as high availability, security, and scalability at the reasonable price.

Looking for a partner to help you take advantage of the AWS cloud benefits such as high availability, security, and scalability? See how we can migrate PostgreSQL to Amazon Aurora or Amazon RDS in a short period of time.

AWS provides a range of security services and features that AWS customers can use to secure their content and applications and meet their own specific business requirements for security. Know how DB Best experts can help you use AWS security features to meet your own organization's security and compliance objectives.

Learn about the key benefits of extending your IT infrastructure to the highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the AWS cloud.

Do you like what you see? Please contact us today to see how we can get started!

Other AWS Technologies

In addition to our featured services and technologies for AWS, we have experience in these other areas.


  • Amazon EC2

  • Amazon EC2 Container Registry

  • Amazon EC2 Container Service

  • Amazon Lightsail

  • AWS Batch

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • AWS Lambda

  • Auto Scaling


  • Amazon VPC

  • Amazon CloudFront

  • Amazon Route 53

  • AWS Direct Connect

  • Elastic Load Balancing


  • AWS Application Discovery Service

  • AWS Database Migration Service

  • AWS Migration Hub

  • AWS Server Migration Service

  • AWS Snowball

  • AWS Snowball Edge

  • AWS Snowmobile


  • Amazon S3

  • Amazon EBS

  • Amazon Elastic File System

  • Amazon Glacier

  • AWS Storage Gateway

Developer Tools

  • AWS CodeStar

  • AWS CodeCommit

  • AWS CodeBuild

  • AWS CodeDeploy

  • AWS CodePipeline

  • AWS X-Ray

  • AWS Command Line Interface

Management Tools

  • Amazon CloudWatch

  • Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

  • AWS CloudFormation

  • AWS CloudTrail

  • AWS Config

  • AWS OpsWorks

  • AWS Service Catalog

  • AWS Trusted Advisor

  • AWS Personal Health Dashboard


  • Amazon Cloud Directory

  • AWS Identity & Access Management

  • Amazon Inspector

  • Amazon Macie

  • AWS Certificate Manager

  • AWS CloudHSM

  • AWS Directory Service

  • AWS Key Management Service

  • AWS Organizations

  • AWS Shield



  • Amazon Athena

  • Amazon EMR

  • Amazon CloudSearch

  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service

  • Amazon Kinesis

  • Amazon Quicksight

  • AWS Data Pipeline

  • AWS Glue


  • Amazon Lex

  • Amazon Polly

  • Amazon Rekognition

  • Amazon Machine Learning

  • AWS Deep Learning AMIs

  • Apache MXNet on AWS

  • TensorFlow on AWS


  • AWS Mobile Hub

  • Amazon API Gateway

  • Amazon Cognito

  • Amazon Pinpoint

  • AWS Device Farm

  • AWS Mobile SDK


  • AWS Step Functions

  • Amazon API Gateway

  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder


  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

  • Amazon Simple Notification System (SNS)

  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)


  • Amazon Chime

  • Amazon WorkDocs

  • Amazon WorkMail


  • AWS IoT Platform

  • AWS Greengrass

  • AWS IoT Button


  • Amazon GameLift

  • Amazon Lumberyard

  • Architecting highly available and scalable system when migrating to SQL Server on AWS
  • Code unification to meet Oracle and PostgreSQL standards in the AWS cloud
  • Fast and error-free migration of an Oracle database to the AWS cloud
  • Migrating an Oracle to MySQL Database using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool