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SQL Server Internals Training

Our training workshops allow you to understand how SQL Server really operates and take control over business-critical databases.

Explore the internal architecture of SQL Server

Kalen Delaney teaches the most advanced SQL Server courses in the world. Kalen has been working with SQL Server since 1987 and has since written many award-winning books. Her course “SQL Server Internals and Tuning” is designed for advanced SQL Server professionals who want to know how SQL Server really works, in order to take maximum advantage of its potential.

The SQL Server Internals training includes extensive demonstrations that illustrate the details of SQL Server internals, as well as tuning techniques. SQL Server Internals and Tuning is currently presented on SQL Server 2017 and covers features specific to that version, but much of the information is relevant to SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 as well.

sql server internals training


Training Agenda

Three to five-day workshops on SQL Server Internals by Kalen Delaney.  By knowing how the SQL Server engine executes queries, your team can write better queries and make better implementation decisions with SQL Server.

Pricing for the three-day workshop starts at $20,000 for the online version of the course. On-site training is available. As part of the training, we’ll use our DBMSys platform to perform our health check module to identify any potential issues against the server of your choice.

Topics covered include:

  • SQL Server Architecture and Metadata
  • Physical Storage Structures
  • Index Design and Tuning
  • Query Processing and Query Plans
  • Optimization and Recompilation
  • Concurrency Control: Locking, Blocking and Row Versioning
  • In-memory OLTP
  • Index and Query Tuning