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Data Warehouse Migration to Amazon Redshift

Considering a move of your Netezza, Teradata, Vertica or Greenplum data warehouse to Amazon Redshift? Trust DB Best for the fast and secure migration project.

Typical challenges that we see

Data Warehouse Migration to AWS is a daunting task with a lot of hidden issues and possible problems. With our extensive experience, we can overcome all of the challenges migration projects have to offer.

Redshift does not support stored procedures

Often business logic and ETL processes are written as stored procedures in the source data warehouse

Our team has developed patterns for migrating stored procedure code using the  AWS Glue ETL service on a regular basis.  Check out the following video to see how we did this for Teradata’s stored procedures written with their BTEQ script to perform the same functionality using AWS Glue.

Mapping the table index strategy of the source data warehouse to Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift does not use indexes for optimizing query performance

Amazon Redshift is different from other data warehouse solutions in that there is no CREATE INDEX command. Instead, Redshift uses features like Sort and Distribution Keys to optimize query performance.

We use the features in Amazon’s Database Migration Service with the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to optimize the Sort and Distribution Keys. SCT uses the table statistics to come up with different options to choose from. In most cases, you can pick the recommendation suggested by the SCT tool.

If you do happen to make a mistake a query performance becomes an issue, SCT uses the table statistics to suggest updates and recreates the table to take advantage of the new setting.

How can I migrate terabytes of data to the Amazon cloud?

Imagine you have an 80 TB database that needs to be extracted and imported into AWS Redshift or Aurora database. Normally, it would take up to several weeks for extracting and migrating such databases over the internet. DB Best has worked with Amazon in exposing a Snowball Edge configuration option in the Schema Conversion Tool. With this feature, you can hookup a Snowball Edge device to your on-premises database, extract data and upload data to the Snowball Edge and send it back to Amazon for completing the data import process during your data warehouse migration to AWS.

DB Best Architects are trained to help you configure and extract your data to the Snowball Edge, helping you complete the data transfer much faster.

Getting Started

At DB Best, we have a set of entry-level offers to help you understand your modernization landscape and demonstrate the value of moving your Netezza, Teradata, Vertica or Greenplum data warehouses to Amazon Redshift. We can help you chose the best option for data warehouse migration to AWS, modifying the architecture of your entire system to add the latest business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions.

Trust the experts with the best knowledge of AWS DMS and the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to help move your on-premises databases to AWS RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift.

Everybody is talking about the need for a digital transformation, but how do you get there? See how our future-state architecture design can use cutting edge technology to meet your organization’s needs.

Discover best practices to take advantage of Amazon Redshift's columnar technology and parallel processing capabilities, improving data warehouse performance.

Do you like what you see? Please contact us today to see how we can get started!

General Approach to Migration of Data Warehouses to Amazon Redshift

The following video provides an overview on how to migrate your Oracle, Teradata, Greenplum and Netezza data warehouses to Amazon Redshift using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. The video also covers how AWS SCT provides guidance on creating the appropriate sort and distribution keys for you based on query statistics and runtime query statistics from the source database.

Data Integration Support

Like most organizations running with an existing enterprise data warehouse solution, you have a substantial investment in data integration software for extract-transform-load (ETL) processes. We have you covered when it comes time to migrate these packages to Redshift. Here is an example of the key data integration platforms.

See how we can orchestrate the transformation of your data, leveraging simple, flexible, and cost-effective AWS Glue ETL service.

Configuring Amazon Data Pipeline web service, you can process the data that was locked up in on-premises storages and then efficiently transfer the results to different AWS services.

We can help you get the most out of Oracle Golden Gate and facilitate real-time data integration, replication, transformations, and verification in heterogeneous IT environments. So you can have an extreme performance with Oracle Database integration and support for cloud environments.

Using Informatica solutions we can integrate your data from existing on-premises systems to the cloud, big data, and IoT systems smoothly and cost-effectively. Our solution architects will migrate the data accelerating time to value for your business goals.

We leverage a high-performance parallel framework on-premises or in the cloud with improved speed, flexibility and effectiveness to build powerful data integration infrastructure. Utilizing big data and Hadoop we help our customers more efficiently access new data sources.

We offer a fast and cost-effective way to connect, clean and share cloud and on-premises data using the architecture that easily scales to respond to growing business requests.

Our developers can flawlessly replicate your data between different types of databases with handling any data changes. So your data never be missed. We also can simplify the ETL process and automate the manual procedures of data warehouse development to improve performance and cost.

Put our Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services experience to use for seamless data extraction, transformation, and loading operations of any complexity.

Please check out the sample of our services to support your AWS data warehouse solutions after the migration.