Key DMO for Microsoft Data Platform Services

Our Data Management Optimization for Microsoft Data Platform provides significant cost savings for the following services featuring SQL Server.

Data Management Optimization for Microsoft Data Platform to save up 60% in costs

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Supported database technologies

In addition to providing a plan for significant cost savings optimizing SQL Server licenses and operating costs, DMO can also identify which Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases might be candidates for migration to SQL Server or migrate to the Azure Database Service.

Optimizing your databases running on the Microsoft Data Platform

Different scenarios related to the database upgrade, consolidation, and migration can benefit from analyzing your current database systems for hosting on the Microsoft Data Platform.

The DBMSys platform used with our DMO engagement supports optimization of the following databases:

  • SQL Server 2000 and later
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

The analysis from DMO can then be used to make recommendations for deploying on:

  • SQL Server on VMware or Hyper-V private clouds
  • SQL Server on Azure SQL Database
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL on Azure Database service
  • Oracle on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Oracle migration to SQL Server
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Blog posts

Please check out our video blog posts on how our customers have benefited from a DMO for Microsoft Data Platform engagement.

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The DMO service uses our DBMSys platform for monitoring your systems. Check out our related video on how you can extend the DMO engagement for SQL Server health checks.

Getting the most out of a comprehensive database health check for SQL Server
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