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Type mapping

You can make changes to type mapping in an opened project. The scale of change is limited to the current project.

  1. Click Settings in the Project panel at the top left-hand corner of the window.

    Database Compare Suite application settings

  2. Move to the Type mapping tab.

    type mapping general

    • Here you can switch between the Default, Columns and Parameters tabs.

      type mapping columns

    • Please note that you can edit the Columns and Parameters mappings manually. Database Compare Suite doesn’t support importing and exporting operations for these types of mappings.

  3. Press the Add button to add a new mapping.

    • Choose the right types of source and target data in appropriate drop-down lists.

    • Press the Save button to save changes or Cancel button to discard changes.

  4. To change already existing mapping select it in the list and press the Edit button . Repeat items 3.a and 3.b to make changes in selected type mapping.

  5. To remove the mapping from the list select it and press the Remove button .

  6. Adjust the correct positions for selected type mapping in the list by using Up and Down buttons.

  7. You can export default type mapping to the external file.

    • Press the Export button .

    • Enter the name of the export file.

    • Click the Save button .

  8. You can import default type mapping from an external file.

    • Press the Import button .

    • Select the file with type mapping in the opened dialog box.