Database Compare Suite is a complex solution designed to simplify schema and data manipulation tasks in both homogeneous and heterogeneous database environments. This simple but very effective tool can help you perform even the most challenging operations, such as:

    • Schema Comparison and Schema Synchronization
    • Data Comparison, Data Migration, and Data Synchronization


    To work with this tool, you don’t have to be an expert or possess any deep knowledge in database development.
    This tool is very user-friendly and can be helpful for Testers, DBDs, and DBAs.


    Supported Database Platforms

    Comparing two production databases for migrating or upgrading.

    Now you can do this with one powerful and simple tool that every DBA and database developer needs.


    Schema comparison

    The application allows you to compare database schemas and identify differences in multiple schema objects such as: Tables, Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Synonyms, Rules, etc. The schema comparison operation can be performed on any pair of objects or categories. While performing comparisons, the application takes into account specifics of all supported dialects.

    Data Migration and Synchronization

    This feature can be used for data manipulations. Each of these operations doesn’t depend on a dialect and can be performed on any pair of databases. Using the Data Migration operation, you can simply copy all data from one database to another. To perform this operation, the application uses the Bulk Copy function, which requires additional software specified in the System Requirements section. Using the Data Synchronization operation, you can synchronize data in the target database with data in the source database. This operation does not require any additional software.

    Schema Synchronization

    The application helps you synchronize database schemas when you have two different versions of databases. It can be useful in database migration from one dialect to another. The application generates a synchronization script based on Schema Comparison results. You can then use the generated script based on your needs: either execute it while using the application or use only part of it to perform some other operation.

    Command line and GUI-based version

    This feature enables users to easily integrate Data Compare Suite into development and test environments and use it on a regular basis in unit, integration, and functional testing or for cross-platform database development.

    Data Comparison

    This feature allows comparing data in databases with equal or close-to-equal database schemas. The operation can be performed on any pair of databases and does not depend on a dialect. Only two objects take part in this operation: Views and Tables. If one of the compared databases doesn't have such objects, the operation will be aborted.

    Settings Comparison

    This feature allows comparing server or database settings of two Microsoft SQL Server instances. Currently settings comparison allows the two instances to be hosted on different versions of SQL Server. Depending on the server version, users get different settings collections.

    Fast Data Comparison

    This feature allows comparing data in databases using fast checksum/hash function. The operation can be performed on a pair of compatible database dialects. In the result the Fast Data Comparison only shows that data objects are equal or not.

    • DB Best Database Compare Suite

      Discover the endless possibilities of our unique database migration tool

    • Interface Elements Workspace

      This is the main application window. In this window, users can select the scope of their operation (highlight a few objects in the metadata tree to the left and right) and the operation itself (second, third, and fourth buttons on the top toolbar).

    • Matching Success

      The matching page is designed to map objects to perform the operation. By default, the comparison is done automatically by the type and object name. If automatic mapping does not provide suitable relevant pairs of objects, users can manually perform the matching.

    • Options

      The data options page contains a tree of matched object items (tables, views, and columns) and an item for default options on the left side of the window. Comparison options are located on the right part of the window. Options collection depends on the type of selected tree item. Any change in default options will affect all pairs of data objects in current operation unless you changed options for a specific pair of data objects.

    • Settings Comparison

      The "Settings Comparison" operation compares server or database settings of two MS SQL Server instances. The result of the comparison shows all available settings for the selected pair of servers or databases.

    • Detailed Data Comparison Result

      The detailed data comparison operation compares data of Data Objects pairs (tables or views). The Results page displays all rows with differences.

    • Schema Sync Window

      The synchronization schema operation allows users to make target object schema equivalent to source object schema. The intermediate result of the schema synchronization operation is the metadata tree containing different objects (the upper part of the window with the result) and scripts to synchronize (the lower part of the window).

    System Requirements

    Operating system
    • Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2012; Windows 7 or higher.
    • 100 MB of available hard disk space
    Additional software
    • Oracle Client Software with Oracle Data Provider for .NET version 9.2 or higher (to interact with Oracle servers)
    • One of the following providers are required to interact with Sybase ASE servers:
      1) Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider 12.5 or higher
      2) Sybase ODBC Provider

    • Vertica ODBC provider


    • IBM Data Server Client Version 9.7 Fix Pack 81 or higher (to interact with IBM DB2 servers)
    • PostgreSQL Client Version 9.2 or higher (to interact with PostgreSQL servers)
    • Amazon Redshift ODBC provider
    • The built-in Microsoft Windows drivers are used to connect to Azure SQL database, MySQL and Teradata
    • Greenplum ODBC (PsqlODBC) provider
    • Sybase IQ ODBC provider
    Database Compare Suite full description
    with examples and best practices.

  • Short description

    Database Compare Suite is an easy way to integrate into development and test environments, and it is an ideal fit for cross-platform database development, unit testing, and functional testing. This is the perfect tool for production DBAs supporting multiple databases with similar structures and for creating scripts to synchronize data between source and target tables. It supports homogeneous and heterogeneous databases and tables, columns, and user-defined data types.

    Supported versions:

    • Amazon Redshift
    • Apache Cassandra 2.1 or later
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • IBM DB2 9.7 or later
    • MySQL 5.5.3 or later (Database Compare Suite works with previous versions as well, but some features can be omitted)
    • Oracle 9.2 or later
    • PostgreSQL 9.2 or later (Database Compare Suite works with previous versions as well, but some features can be omitted)
    • Sybase ASE 12.5 or later
    • Sybase IQ 16 or later
    • Teradata 14 or later
    • Greenplum or later
    • Netezza or later

    Supported Database Platforms

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  • May 2, 2019 4.14

    May 2, 20194.14
    • Support for Amazon DynamoDB added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports a fast and flexible NoSQL database service Amazon DynamoDB. You can use Database Compare Suite to compare data between two supported NoSQL databases (which are Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB) as well as between a NoSQL database and 14 other SQL-based database platforms. Currently, Database Compare Suite does not support tables with composite partition key because we use the standard .NET provider to access the data.
    • Added the ability to use SSL to establish a secure connection to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.
    • Provided the ability to work with the SET data type.
    • Added the ability to specify whether the driver can trust the server certificate when connecting to the SQL Server database using TLS.
    • Provided users with the ability to ignore column default values and parameter default values during schema comparison or synchronization operations.
    • Fixed a number of bugs with Apache Cassandra, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, and Teradata.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Jan 17, 2019 4.13

    Jan 17, 20194.13
    • Support for Apache Cassandra 2.1 or later added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports the free and open-source, distributed, wide column store, NoSQL Apache Cassandra database management system. Database Compare Suite allows for comparing data between two Cassandra databases as well as between the Cassandra database and 14 other SQL-based database platforms. Also, in this release, we added schema comparison operations between two Cassandra databases and between Cassandra and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
    • Added the ability to search objects of the selected type across the metadata trees by name.
    • Provided the option to set the tolerance for data operations. This allows for ignoring the difference between the two decimals.
    • Added the row limit option for data operations. This allows for comparing the specified number of rows from each table.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Feb 21, 2018 4.12

    Feb 21, 20184.12
    • Added a SQL code tab in the ‘Schema comparison’ operation window.
      Allows the display of SQL code for source and target objects to simplify line-by-line comparison. This tab provides the ability to display both system characters and exclude multiple spaces or empty lines in converted code and in source code. Also, this tab allows for comparing objects with case sensitivity.
    • Improved Fast Data Comparison operation.
      Added a new option in the Fast Data Comparison operation settings allowing for comparing the row count in the source and target tables. Makes sense for large data sets to check whether all data rows have migrated or not.
    • Added LDAP authentication for Teradata.
    • Added column and parameter mappings.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Sep 05, 2017 4.11

    Sep 05, 20174.11
    • Support for Vertica 7.0 or later added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports the cluster-, column-oriented Vertica Analytics Platform that was initially designed to manage large, fast-growing volumes of data and provide very fast query performance when used for data warehouses and other query-intensive applications.
    • Upgraded the Detailed Data Comparison operation.
      Created a ‘Detailed row comparison’ window to clearly see the data differences in the Detailed Data Comparison operation window. To discover the detailed data differences you need to double-click on the selected data row.
    • Improved the schema comparison and synchronization operation options.
      Now the application allows for excluding flex tables, projections, and text indexes from the operation scope.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Comparing two production databases for migrating or upgrading.

    Now you can do this with one powerful and simple tool that every DBA and database developer needs.

    July 24, 2017 4.10

    July 24, 20174.10
    • Support for Sybase IQ 16 or later added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports a column-based, petabyte scale, relational database software system used for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data marts.
    • Improved the Fast Data Comparison operation.
      The Fast Data Comparison operation now allows for fast processing of the floating-point numbers so that Database Compare Suite will interpret them as fixed-point numbers.
    • Improved the data migration operation.
      Provided an option of treating the empty values as NULL to provide the excellent comparison results for various database platforms.
    • Read more on our blog.

    June 12, 2017 4.9

    June 12, 20174.9
    • Support for Azure SQL Data Warehouses added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports highly elastic Azure SQL Data Warehouse applicances.
    • Database connection dialog improved.
      Improved the interface of the database connection dialog. Now, when using the connection string to connect to the database, the Database Compare Suite provides the example of the required connection string in the appropriate format according to the selected database dialect. Simply insert the connection parameters into the provided sample.
    • Updated the data operations options.
      The latest release allows for treating the empty values as NULL to provide the excellent comparison results for various database platforms.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Apr 28, 2017 4.8

    Apr 28, 20174.8
    • Support for IBM Netezza 7.2.1 or later added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports IBM Netezza high-performance data warehouse applicances.
    • Improved the Fast Data Comparison operation.
      Improved the support of real numbers and large integers in the Fast Data Comparison operation.
    • Improved interval types support.
      Implemented the full-fledged support of the negative intervals.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Mar 9, 2017 4.7

    Mar 9, 20174.7
    • Support for Greenplum or later added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports open-source Greenplum data warehouses, geared toward big data analytics.
    • The installer of the application upgraded.
      Database Compare Suite now requires only the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. So, there is no need to install .NET Framework 3.5 before installing the Database Compare Suite.
    • Matching page UI improved.
      Minor changes to the user interface of a matching page bring noticeable differences to the usability and dramatically simplify user’s experience.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Comparing two production databases for migrating or upgrading.

    Now you can do this with one powerful and simple tool that every DBA and database developer needs.

    Jan 27, 2017 4.6

    Jan 27, 20174.6
    • Support for Teradata 14 or later added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports Teradata databases, which are commonly used to manage large data warehousing operations.
    • New Fast Data Comparison operation added
      Fast Data Compare operation is designed for comparison of big data volumes. It dramatically improves the performance during data comparison in two tables and helps validate data migration.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Oct 4, 2016 4.5

    Oct 4, 20164.5
    • Support for Amazon Redshift added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports Amazon Redshift, which is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse.
    • Support for SQL Server 2000 added.
      Database Compare Suite now supports SQL Server 2000. This a great timesaver for customers looking forward to upgrading their SQL Server 2000 database servers, Database Compare Suite is the only tool that supports this version of SQL Server on the market.
    • Main screen updated to simplify sending the support request.
      Now you can find the Support button at the top right corner of the main application window.
    • Notification about new product version added.
      When we release a new version of Database Compare Suite, you get a notification in the pop-up window when the application starts.
    • Issue with missing objects during operations with schemas fixed.
      Missing categories of metadata are automatically excluded from schema operations.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Aug 4, 2016 4.4

    Aug 4, 20164.4
    • Support for PostgreSQL added.
    • Several issues with ODBC support fixed.
    • Issues with metadata loading for DB2 9.7. fixed
    • Data comparison of interval types for different database platforms enabled.
    • Data migration from Views added.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Apr 28, 2016 4.3

    Apr 28, 20164.3
    • Support for MySQL added.
    • Setting Comparison operations for SQL Server databases and servers added.
    • Support for ODBC provider for Sybase databases added.
    • Data operations performance in console mode improved.
    • Support of big numeric values in data operations added.
    • Now there is a possibility to save operation scope in the project.
    • Database Compare Suite doesn’t display the metadata categories that are not supported by at least one of the compared databases in Schema Comparison results. For example, there is no point in displaying Check Constraint category, because it is supported by MySQL database, but is not supported by SQL Server.
    • Read more on our blog.

    Comparing two production databases for migrating or upgrading.

    Now you can do this with one powerful and simple tool that every DBA and database developer needs.

    Dec 16, 2015 4.2

    Dec 16, 20154.2
    • Console scenarios switched to XML format and console features synchronized with GUI version.
    • All data operations parallelized.
    • DB2 modules added to the schema comparison operation.
    • DB2 reference type added to data comparison and schema comparison operations.
    • DB2 UDT added to data comparison and schema comparison operations.
    • Oracle UDT added to data comparison and schema comparison operations.
    • SQL Server assemblies added to the schema comparison operation.
    • Information about the duration of data operations added to the operation result and export file.
    • Rows filtering on the source for the data migration operation enabled.
    • Preferences for data migration operation redeveloped.

    Dec 25, 2014 4.1

    Dec 25, 20144.1
    • Support for Oracle packages added.
    • Alignment operation on the metadata tree fixed.
    • Detailed data comparison operation added in the console mode.
    • Specification of operation preferences enabled in the console mode.
    • Support for the default value of the function and stored procedure parameters in the schema comparison operation added.
    • Support for extended properties in the schema comparison operation added.

    Mar 12, 2014 4.0

    Mar 12, 20144.0
    • Support for IBM DB2 for all operations added.
    • Licensing mechanism changed to make the application more stable and comfortable for users.
    • Comparison of inline SQL for constraints improved.
    • Redundant messages about ignored objects in the operation eliminated.
    • Export of schema comparison result added to CSV file.
    • Support for aggregation functions added.
    • Redundant messages removed from the status bar.

    Oct 11, 2013 3.6

    Oct 11, 20133.6
    • The Schema Synchronization operation revised – new UI and business logic.
    • Possibility to match objects in different schemas and one group of schemas with another group added.
    • Ability to specify prefix and suffix to ignore for matching objects added.
    • A hierarchy of result properties refactored and several changes added to the export of operation results.
    • Loading of some imported properties for objects in all supported platforms added.
    • A set of issues with memory leaks fixed.
    • Tested on a new version of Oracle (Oracle 12).

    Comparing two production databases for migrating or upgrading.

    Now you can do this with one powerful and simple tool that every DBA and database developer needs.

    June 20, 2013 3.5

    June 20, 20133.5
    • Option of matching Oracle schema to SQL Server or Sybase databases added.
    • Option of matching UDTs to different types added.
    • A new Data Operation Preference implemented – Exclude LOBs from Data Operations.
    • The new design of the Result page in the Detailed Data Comparison operation. Now it helps you easily identify differences in your data.
    • The new design of the Options page in the Data operations. It makes configuration of Data Operation more usable and comprehensible.
    • A set of issues related to comparison and synchronization of Large Objects fixed.
    • Help section updated to bring new abilities and new design.

    Feb 27, 2013 3.3

    Feb 27, 20133.3
    • New Type Maps and Type Mapping functionality. All Type Maps were updated to support new data types and new expertise in this area. Also, we allowed having several mappings for one data type with the ability to prioritize them.
    • Support for User Defined Types (UDT) added. Now the application allows users to identify and view a list of UDTs that are created in a selected database.
    • Ability of LOBs comparing added. Now Data Comparison operation can compare data of all types except UDT. Migration and Synchronization of LOBs will be implemented in the next release.
    • Logic of preferences in the data operations corrected. The Data Synchronization operation uses comparison preferences in the inner logic and does not modify data within synchronization from a source data object to a target data object.
    • Option of specifying a Sort Key for a table or view in the Data Comparison and Data Synchronization operations added. This feature allows users to compare data in views and tables and provide a more powerful tool to subtle adjustment of data sorting in operation.
    • Improved the Help section with additional articles about using preferences in the data operations.

    Dec 24, 2012 3.2

    Dec 24, 20123.2
    • Option of excluding unnecessary objects from operation scope added. Users can select only required objects for an operation instead of all objects in the chosen category.
    • Ability to migrate data to Sybase added.
    • New design of Object Matching dialog that makes matching operation simpler and clearer for end users.
    • New design of Connect to Servers dialog and new Project workflow. These changes have eliminated problems that led to floating and difficult-to-reproduce exceptions and unstable application behavior.
    • Problems with loading some objects and their properties in Sybase and Oracle fixed.
    • Several issues in the Licensing functionality fixed.
    • Switching to parameterized queries in Data Synchronization operation finished.

    Nov 19, 2012 3.1

    Nov 19, 20123.1
    • The application has been migrated to .NET Framework 4.0. It allows to use new UI components to build more flexible and usable GUI.
    • Updated UI control for Metadata tree. New UI control eliminates several issues and makes manipulations with Metadata tree more usable and simple.
    • Updated and improved functionality of Filters and Search.
    • Updated Installer. We have eliminated verification of specific Data Provides for Sybase and Oracle and moved this functionality into operations. In the next release, we are going to implement this check into the connection dialog because it is the best place to validate installed providers and notify a user if any problem occurs.
    • Enhanced functionality of Metadata Loaders. Updated loaders have increased performance and stabilized application behavior.
    • A set of issues fixed in application’s functionality.

    Comparing two production databases for migrating or upgrading.

    Now you can do this with one powerful and simple tool that every DBA and database developer needs.

    Oct 17, 2012 3.0

    Oct 17, 20123.0
    • New core architecture that makes the application much faster and stable. Now the execution of any data or schema operations takes 15-30% less time than previously.
    • More usable operations wizards that allow users to easily and more obviously configure any operations. Appropriate changes were also done in the Command Line functionality that now are more usable for work.
    • More intuitive design of the Help section created.
    • Support for SQL Server 2012 with Sequences and new Data Types added.
    • Support for Rules and Defaults in the Schema Comparison operation for Sybase databases added.
    • Option of executing several operations simoultaneously due to performance and functional issues removed.
    • A set of issues in application functionality fixed.