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Upgrade to SQL Server 2016 and the cloud

Aging software and reasons to upgrade

Technological progress comes with an inevitable side effect: aging software like SQL Server 2000 and 2005. At a certain point, organizations of every size face the need to upgrade their applications. This need becomes quite acute not because of the new possibilities and features that come with the upgraded versions, but because the old versions lose support. As a result, companies find themselves in a very vulnerable and insecure position with their data and mission-critical applications being exposed to the potential threat of software hazards and malfunctions.


With over 10 years of data management experience, DB Best is helping multiple customers smoothly upgrade to SQL Server 2016 for on-premises and cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Our solution architects leverage Microsoft’s data platform and its latest features (such as in-memory feature, better compression, integration with Visual Studio, etc.) to achieve the performance, scalability, and security that our clients’ applications require while keeping the costs under control.

DB Best Methodology and Upgrade Process

The DB Best team has developed a well-defined and structured approach of how to move the existing application off the legacy software to SQL Server 2016 and to cloud providers. The process is somewhat similar to DB Best migration methodology, but we use different tools and techniques. DB Best experts perform a thorough analysis and deep-dive technical assessment of the upgrade that covers not only the databases, but to all the interfaces to the database, including DTS packages, notification services, and cubes, that have been developed using the old versions of MDX. Based on this analysis, we decide on whether “side-by-side” or “in-place” methodology would work best for your particular project.


Our ultimate goal is to define what it would take to upgrade your app to SQL Server 2016 and/or clouds and to perform this upgrade by using our methodology and going over a predefined checklist to make sure your app transition is smooth so you can benefit from all the latest features Microsoft’s data platform has to offer. For many of these types of engagements, we use allocated SSDPS days.


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