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Sybase to SQL Server Migration

Why Migrate?

The number one reason Sybase owners migrate to Microsoft SQL Server is TCO.

Microsoft SQL Server offers broader-based functionality and is more cost-effective than Sybase ASE due to SQL Server’s “out-of-the-box” functionality (such as table partitioning, disaster recovery, high availability, encrypted columns, and full-text search), without requiring additional purchases. By contrast, Sybase customers must buy each of these features as expensive add-ons. And when it comes to support and maintenance, Sybase DBA expertise is significantly harder to find and usually more expensive than a Microsoft SQL Server DBA.

Why you can trust us with Sybase to SQL Server migration?

The DB Best team developed a unique methodology for migrating Sybase applications to SQL Server and proved it many times with our customers. Being an architect and the original creator of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Sybase, the DB Best team is THE database migration expert you can trust with your project.

Based on our vast migration experience, the DB Best team developed our in-house product Database Compare Suite, which greatly complements SSMA for Sybase.

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