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Delphi / Power Builder / Oracle Forms to .NET

Why Migrate?

Organizations are constantly evaluating their current mission critical applications looking for ways to reduce their TCO, increase reliability, and allow their business users to be more productive.
DB Best specializes in the transformation of obsolete legacy applications from Delphi, Oracle Forms, and PowerBuilder to C# and Microsoft .NET technologies, creating cross-platform applications that work with all web browsers.

In their day, these frameworks were considered excellent development environments; however, the lack of flexibility and interface features has influenced many organizations to migrate to Microsoft .NET.

We can also migrate Oracle Forms to Web Applications using a very specific process where we replicate Oracle Form's functionality using AngularJS and other web technologies. Please click here if you would like to learn more about our specific Oracle Forms to Web Applications process.

Why you can trust us with Migrations to Microsoft.NET?

Our Process

Starting with an application audit and database assessment, our team of specialist will create a roadmap for modernizing your applications to fully native .NET solutions that are Web-enabled, HTML 5-compatible, and powered by Microsoft SQL Server, resulting in:

Transformation of code to Microsoft .NET – Completely removing Delphi/PowerBuilder/Oracle Forms code.

Transformation of components – Replacing old components with native Microsoft .NET components.

Support for Web – Depending on your requirements, the target system can be fully Web-based, supported by all major browsers.

Migration of database assets – This includes all table date, forms, reports, queries, macros, and business logic.

Improved security – Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory & native SQL Server Database security.

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