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Cloud Migration

Why Migrate?

Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), coupled with database technologies like SQL Server and AWS Relational Database Services (RDS) enable organizations to quickly create and scale solutions that solve challenges and fuel new business opportunities. Azure and AWS helps to reduce your TCO when deploying database solutions to a private or public cloud, with on-demand computing, infinite scalability, and a set of common management tools.

Whether it is a standalone application, B2C, B2B, or a Web-based application, migrating to cloud services like Azure and AWS provides you with rapid provisioning, cost-effective scalability, high availability, reduced management overhead, and secure access for viewing and managing reports.

Why you can trust us with migrating your database to the cloud?

Migration Options

Migrating the Data and Optimizing the Application

Hybrid IT – Connecting on Premise SQL Server Applications to Azure SQL Database or AWS RDS

DB Best can help you efficiently modernize and migrate your current application (Web, standalone, B2C, B2B) to the Azure or AWS platforms with little-to-no impact on your business continuity.

Your organization will quickly achieve the performance, scalability, security, and flexibility that are all part of Azure and AWS.

Maintain the control of your data on-premises while gaining the cost-effectiveness of the cloud with a software-as-a-service and storage-as-a service solution. From federated authentication and access control to on-the-fly data sync, DB Best has a set of best practices for implementing and maintaining your hybrid IT solution. Gain the increased functionality of SQL with Azure or AWS including data integration, analysis, and reporting services along with SharePoint while maintaining your current on-premises data store.

The DB Best team developed a unique methodology for migrating applications to SQL Server and proved it many times over with hundreds of customers. Being an architect and the original creator of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), the DB Best team is THE database migration expert you can trust with your project. DB Best is also one of the early adopters of the AWS Schema Conversion Tool as part of the AWS Database Migration Service.

Based on our vast migration experience, the DB Best team developed our in-house product Database Compare Suite, which greatly complements SSMA or the AWS Database Migration Service.

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