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Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management is more than simply migrating a database and writing new code to modernize the application. From DB Best’s perspective, Application Life Cycle Management is a continuous process throughout the entire life-span of the application, focusing on governance, development, and maintenance.

DB Best facilitates the Application Life Cycle Management process by working with our customers to implement processes that integrate their business management requirements with their software engineering needs to maximize the value of their application assets.

Starting with an Application Audit and Database Assessment, DB Best’s team of experts will identify the current state of the applications, databases, hardware, and applications' functional ability to meet the customers’ current and future business requirements. Based on these assessments, we will demonstrate how the implementation of an Application Lifecycle Management process can provide both cost savings as well as increased functionality.

Application Assessment

The goals of an Application Assessment vary by organization and application. That said, the key goals of an Application Assessment are to determine the current state of the application/database; illustrate the degree of effort, time, resource requirements, and costs to modernize the application; and set the stage for implementing future activities.

DB Best’s approach to an Application Assessment starts with a one-week on-site audit and assessment of the applications and databases. This assessment results in an in-depth report that will provide a high-level characterization of the current systems and will characterize the cost savings and risks for the executive team and decision makers.

Portfolio Assessment

Most organizations agree that they should implement a continuous process for reviewing and assessing the business and technical value of their current applications/databases. The reality is that the patchwork of legacy applications and underlying business logic is far too difficult and time-consuming for most internal IT teams to properly assess.

DB Best’s Portfolio Assessment is designed to evaluate both the business and technical value of multiple applications/databases within a specific segment of the enterprise. Our goal is to provide executives and key decision makers with the most cost-effective strategies for migrating and modernizing their application assets. We accomplish this by leveraging a set of automated tools for a line-by-line examination of your applications/databases as well as a manual review of your business logic and internal processes, which allows us to deliver an in-depth view into your current application portfolio.

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