datasheet: SQL Server Optimization on AWS Datasheet

If your business runs SQL Server on AWS, we have an offer to trim off your services bill! Over the last few years, DB Best has analyzed thousands of SQL Server deployments on AWS. Starting from synthetic benchmarks and going all the way to managing enormous customer workloads. On average, we’ve discovered that organizations can save up to 40% in licensing costs.

The DB Best team approaches all optimization projects from both the business side of things as well as the technology stack. By improving both components, you can expect the best possible optimization result.

Check out our datasheet to learn how DB Best can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Quickly identify SQL Server instances that can use fewer cloud resources
  • Reduce SQL Server license costs with automated scripts
  • Identify poor performing queries for further optimization
  • Reduce maintenance costs of SQL Server Enterprise Edition instances

Download the SQL Server optimization on AWS datasheet and discover how you can reduce your AWS spending fast with optimized SQL Server licensing. Take advantage of DB Best’s vast experience with optimizing SQL Server workloads and our deep technical expertise with the AWS cloud.

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