News: Sudhir Gajre hosting a Microsoft Azure event in Austin on December 8

19 Nov 2015

In addition to his upcoming St. Louis and Minneapolis events, Sudhir Gajre will be hosting an event in Austin on December 8 titled “Running Data Platform Workloads on Microsoft Azure.” At this event, Sudhir will be teaching technical decision makers and IT professionals about some of the advantages associated with Microsoft Azure. With advancements in virtual machines, storage, and PaaS offerings like Azure SQL Database with geo-replication, it’s easier than ever to run production and mission critical workloads on the Azure platform. Best of all, users can take advantage of these capabilities with very few changes to application code.

Attendees will enjoy a complimentary breakfast and a free Windows tablet. And of course, they will learn:

1. How SQL Server on Azure VMs and SQL Database services transform the way you manage data. This includes strategies for using Azure services as part of a SQL Server 2005 plan.

2. How a Water Utility company in Portugal developed a new service offering by migrating their Oracle client-server billing application that used Oracle Database, Forms and Reports to a modern multi-tier application with SQL Server, ASP.NET web sites with load balancing on Azure.

3. Where to find latest resources to help you in your journey to the cloud.

Attendance is limited to 25 registrants, so if you are interested, please use this link to submit your information for consideration.
We hope to see you there!