News: Amazon Redshift and Teradata support introduced in a new version of Migration Platform

26 Apr 2021
Migration Platform 1.6

DB Best has released the new version of Migration Platform to bring the support of new database migration destinations. This release also provides users with the new version of Data Store, the ability to create private datasets, and an innovative test export mechanism.

What’s new in Migration Platform 1.6?

First of all, we added the support for the Teradata to Amazon Redshift migration projects. Customers migrating their Teradata workloads to the Amazon cloud now may take advantage of DB Best Migration Platform to automate the migration. Particularly, our product automates the database code conversion. You may also use it to create test cases and run them against the source and target databases. Currently, the data migration option is not available for this database pair, however, you may leverage AWS SCT data extraction agents for this purpose.

Introducing private datasets to improve security

Our development team has reimagined the Data Store by introducing two cool new features: private datasets and one-click dataset validation. You may want to use private datasets to limit access to the datasets you create. By default, all datasets are available for other database users.

Validating a private dataset

Backup validation allows for restoring with confidence

The validation operation allows for comparing the backup structure with the original database. This process includes checking tables, installed extension packs, and constraints. A successful dataset validation check means that after restoring a dataset, your database will be backed up correctly. Please note that Migration Platform supports these new features only for Amazon Redshift, IBM DB2, Teradata databases. The image below shows how you can validate a private dataset in DB Best Migration Platform.

Customization of automatically generated tests

A new test export mechanism provides users with the ability to customize automatically generated tests. Migration Platform now allows for saving tests from the migration project in two different formats. Now you can save tests as separate files rather than in one archive file. This approach simplifies test editing. At the same time, you will lose test group settings and execution order.

Export tests

The other improvements of Migration Platform 1.6 include an updated connection dialog and simplified logic standing behind the test suite trees.

Download a new version of Migration Platform

You can use a trial version of DB Best Migration Platform for 14 days for free. Do you want to see how this product guides you through the database migration or upgrade hurdles? Be sure to download the trial version of DB Best Migration Platform from the official product page.

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