News: Microsoft Shipped SQL Server Migration Assistant 6.0

12 Aug 2014

Long hours of hard work and substantial efforts have successfully resulted in the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant – SSMA 6.0, a tool that greatly simplifies, cuts the effort and automates components of database migrations to SQL Server, and was developed with the ongoing Microsoft Oracle compete strategy in mind.


Substantial product features and improvements of SSMA 6.0 are:

– Materialized View support for Oracle

– Memory Optimized tables for Oracle

– Improved Azure SQL DB code conversion

– Extension pack functionality moved to schema to support Azure SQL DB

– Performance improvements tested for databases with over 10k objects

– UI improvements for dealing with large number of objects

– Highlighting of “well known” LOB schemas (so they can be ignored in conversion)

– Conversion speed improvements

– Show object counts in UI

– Report size reduction by more than 25%

– Improved error messages for unparsed constructs.


The latest SQL Server Migration Assistant is available for free download at:

SSMA for Access


SSMA for Oracle

SSMA for Sybase


This means that since now it will take you much less effort, time and cost to modernize your application and bring it to the next level. And DB Best team is here to help you, as nobody else can use the tool with such nicety as the people who literary developed it from scratch.