News: DB Best announces a release of the new version of DBMSys Platform

10 Feb 2021
DBMSys health checks

We are happy to inform you that DB Best has released a new version of DBMSys Platform. This latest release marks the move of the whole DBMSys Platform to the AWS cloud, improves the database assessment feature, and integrates our proven SQL Server health checks.

What’s new in the updated DBMSys platform?

First of all, we moved our back end from on-premises to AWS, accomplishing yet another cloud application modernization project. We expect that this cloud move will ensure better performance and greater scalability of the new DBMSys Platform.

Starting from this release, users can leverage DBMSys API to access reports data.

Our development team has significantly improved the database assessment feature. When assessing the complexity of a database schema conversion, small details may play an important role. For example, imagine that you maintain two similar database schemas. Moving the first one to another database platform may be a complex task. However, the conversion of the second schema, will not require a lot of effort. DBMSys Platform now can analyze the similarity of your database schemas and show similar objects or even groups of objects in the assessment report. Therefore, you will estimate the complexity of a database migration project based on unique schemas.

Our team has an established set of SQL Server database health checks. These health check focus on SQL Server performance, security, and availability. Previously, we ran these scripts manually, and now you can run these health checks from DBMSys Platform.

DBMSys Health Check

A simple wizard seamlessly guides users through this process. You need to provide DBMSys Platform with read-only access to the selected environment and schedule the run time.

And the last but not least update expands the list of monitoring capabilities. Currently, DBMSys Platform supports 11 alerts for Windows Server and SQL Server.

Further improvements

In the near future, we plan to add more alerts to the Monitoring dashboard, enable support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Teradata, and Netezza databases, and improve the newly introduced health check feature by adding over 170 rules. Stay tuned for updates and contact DB Best to start using our DBMSys Platform.

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