News: DB Best Updates DBMSys Platform

01 Feb 2019
DBMSys platform update

On Thursday, January 31st, 2019, DB Best updated the DBMSys platform. This new release provides users with an updated installer and the support of Azure SQL Database Managed Instances.

What’s new in the updated DBMSys platform?

We updated the Internal Status Dashboard in DBMSys platform. Particularly, we added email notifications and new events to this dashboard.

Also, we added the support of Azure SQL Database Managed Instances. Microsoft states that Managed Instance is the best destination to move a large number of existing SQL Server databases from on-premises or virtual machines. So, keeping up with the latest trends, we provide the DBMSys users with the support of the most innovative features.

Currently, we’re using DBMSys platform for monitoring in various projects with our customers. As the developers of this platform, we can easily customize it to meet the customer’s needs. So, as part of this update, we added new monitoring events on demand of our customers.

DBMSys platform update


In addition to that, we improved the wizard used to add new instances.

Another big feature is the updated MSI installer. This update simplifies both the deployment of DBMSys in the customer’s environment and its uninstall it after the engagement.

Let’s get started!

DBMSys provides you with all of the metadata you might even need based on the vast experience of our architects are consultants. As you can see, DB Best can tailor the DBMSys platform according to your needs. DB Best actively uses DBMSys for the following customer-centric services:

Contact us to start monitoring your environment and explore the upgrade opportunities with the DBMSys platform.

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