News: DB Best updates DBMSys platform to version 5.0.1

10 Apr 2018
DBMSys platform 5.0.1

On Tuesday, April 10, DB Best released an update of the DBMSys platform 5.0.1. The most significant update relates to the creation of the MSI installer. The other improvements include: a pre-required software check, an updated “Discover Monitored Objects” module, and the ability to create the Power BI reports for Oracle database objects.

What is DBMSys?

DBMSys platform is designed to capture, process, report, and guide automation decisions based on metadata from multiple platform environments. DBMSys uses an agentless central engine to collect varying kinds of data, both structured and unstructured, on nearly any infrastructure. The platforms and collection types covered by DBMSys expand on a regular basis.

Examples of what DBMSys captures include:

  • Operating System information
  • Database-instance/Web Servers/Exchange/Active Directory level specific information
  • Performance data
  • Activity logs