News: New DBMSys Platform 5.0.4 provides at a glance health status of servers

03 Dec 2018
DBMSys platform 5.0.4

On Monday, December 3rd, 2018, DB Best released an update: DBMSys platform 5.0.4. This release brings a self-monitoring feature for currently running services in the internal status dashboard. Also, DBMSys now allows for ignoring missing cloud benchmarks and provides users with some other updates.

What’s new in DBMSys platform 5.0.4?

First of all, we implemented a totally new Collector Health dashboard, which provides users with access to all instances related to their company environment. Here you can check the state of all running instances at a glance.

Then, we updated the GUI of the Collector, which allows for configuring the environment after you install DBMSys platform 5.0.4.

The Collector GUI improvements include:

  • A checkbox to enable or ignore the ping test when adding a new instance
  • A new Aggregated Errors tab on the Data Collection Errors page, where you can discover the similar issues on multiple instances and review the recommendations on how to address them
  • An updated statuses board
  • The ability to save the access credentials for objects and use them for other objects when needed

DBMSys platform 5.0.4

In addition to that, we improved the events monitoring workflow and optimized the overall performance of DBMSys platform 5.0.4.

DBMSys provides you with all of the metadata you might even need, based on the vast experience of our architects are consultants. Contact us to start monitoring your environment and explore the upgrade opportunities with the DBMSys Platform.

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