News: DB Best releases DBMSys platform 5.0.2

14 Jun 2018
DBMSys platform 5.0.2

On Thursday, June 14, DB Best announced a release of the DBMSys platform 5.0.2. This update includes some important bug fixes, which include the fix of the price grabber (the utility automatically downloads the latest prices from Azure and AWS) and the Data Management Optimization calculations.

What’s new in DBMSys platform 5.0.2?

The list of other updated of DBMSys 5.0.2 includes:

  • Linux Key-Based Authentication for Collector GUI
  • Added the data upload settings
  • Created the portfolio assessment in the Power BI report
  • Added the components versioning
  • Power BI report is now available for super admin

With DBMSys, we are able to provide health monitoring, upgrading, and patching all through one platform. DBMSys can also be used for many other reporting and environmental tasks that require a real-time monitoring system to help guide the decision-making process.