News: The DB Best Migration Platform is available for download

11 Dec 2019
download migration platform

At the PASS Summit 2019, DB Best announced a multi-purpose Migration Platform. This product provides users with full assistance through the whole cycle of database migration. Now you can download a free trial version of our unique product.

The DB Best Migration Platform can help you with the following database migration projects:

  • Oracle Database to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database to Azure SQL Database
  • SAP IQ (Sybase IQ) to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • Oracle Database to PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Database to Amazon RDS for Oracle
  • PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Data Warehouse to Amazon Redshift

You can also use DB Best Migration Platform to upgrade the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2012
  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL 9, 10, and 11

DB Best Migration Platform features

The list of product features includes:

  • Database schema conversion
    The DB Best Migration Platform integrates with Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant and AWS Schema Conversion Tool to ensure the highest possible quality of database schema conversion.
  • Database schema comparison
    The Schema comparison module allows for comparing the source and target database schemas. Also, you can use this operation to discover the possible database schema drift.
  • Types and objects mapping
    The DB Best Migration Platform automatically maps the data types and objects in your source and target database schemas. However, in some cases you may need to manually map the data types and objects in the Mapping module.
  • Data migration
    The Data migration operation moves data between source and target databases. Firstly, the DB Best Migration Platform analyzes the size of the migrated tables. Then, based on this analysis, our product determines the right way to move data quickly and correctly using parallel processes.
  • Data comparison
    The Data Comparison module allows for comparing data in the source and target databases. Here you can see tables with equal data as well as tables with comparison errors.
  • Test organizer
    The Test organizer module provides users with an easy way to create tests for stored procedures, functions, views, tables, and ad-hoc queries. You can also use the Test Organizer module to generate tests automatically or manually for the above-mentioned database objects.
  • Data store
    The Data store preserves this golden copy of data for the whole database or for specified tables. You can then use the Data Restore option to restore the whole golden copy or only the selected tables when needed.
  • Command-line interface
    You can utilize a command-line interface to automate the execution of all the Migration Platform operations. This may come in handy for routine DevOps operations.

Download the DB Best Migration Platform

So, are you ready to be amazed? You can try this unique product for a limited period for free. Be sure to download the trial version of the DB Best Migration Platform from our product page.

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