News: New Database Compare Suite 4.6 with Teradata and Fast Data Compare support

28 Jan 2017

We are proud to announce the new version of the Database Compare Suite version 4.6 with support for Teradata databases. Database Compare Suite now has support for 9 total databases including Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE. This means that there are 45 pairs of databases available for homogenous and heterogeneous database operations. These operations include schema and data comparison, migration, and synchronization.


Introducing Fast Data Compare


Database Compare Suite version 4.6 now includes a feature we call Fast Data Compare. We designed Fast Data Compare to dramatically improve performance up to 330 times faster for comparing the data in two tables to confirm data migration. After performing a large data migration from one data warehouse fact table to a new table on the same or different database platform, it is not enough to just make sure the row counts are the same on both sides. You need a tool that can rapidly confirm the transfer of your critical data. Fast Data Comparison uses a checksum algorithm with a hash function for lightning fast confirmation against tables with huge amounts of data.




The fast data comparison operation will not show the number of differences (if the compared objects are not equal), or display the exact rows, where the differences are. For these cases, you must use the Data Comparison and Detailed Data Comparison operations. But if we are talking about migration validation for big data volumes, the above-mentioned operations may work pretty long. Fast Data Compare dramatically reduces the comparison time. For example, we tested Fast Data Comparison and the regular Data Comparison operations on a table with 600 million rows. The first operation finished in just over an hour, and the second one lasted for 2 weeks! This is a 330x boost in performance! For smaller tables the difference is not as spectacular. In our test comparing two tables with 1 million rows, Fast Data Comparison completed in 11 seconds versus 70 seconds for a 7x boost in performance.


The Database Compare Suite tool is the DB Best’s ultimate solution dedicated to database administrators and developers for comparing and synchronizing schemas and data along with many migration possibilities between homogeneous and heterogeneous database environments.


Download our free trial from the Database Compare Suite page.

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