News: DB Best releases Database Compare Suite with Snowflake support

16 Oct 2020
Database Compare Suite Snowflake

DB Best has released the new version of Database Compare Suite to bring the support of Snowflake. This release also provides users with the ability to leverage virtual table partitions.

What’s new in Database Compare Suite 5.4?

Many customers now move their workloads to the Snowflake cloud data platform. Sooner or later, they will need a reliable tool to compare data during migration. Hearing the needs of our customers, DB Best decided to add the Snowflake support to our ultimate product for database developers and administrators.

You may use Database Compare Suite 5.4 to connect to your Snowflake data warehouse. Then you can make use of such data operations as comparison, migration, synchronization, and verification.

Adding yet another data warehouse platform means that users will execute many operations with big tables. The comparison of huge tables in detail requires a lot of time. The latest release of Database Compare provides users with support for virtual table partitions. This means that the users can split their humongous tables into partitions and simplify the comparison of big data assets. You may rely on automatic partitioning or specify the following partitioning options manually:

  • Partitioning column
  • Partitioning mode
  • The number of partitions
  • The number of threads used for the detailed data comparison operation

Finally, we added the ability to trim spaces at the end or both at the beginning and the end of string values before comparing them in the fast data comparison mode. This update provides for improved results of the fast data comparison operation.

Download Database Compare Suite

See the full list of no less than 20 supported database platforms on the official Database Compare Suite product page. Get more technical information from our user guide

You can download the free 14-day trial version of Database Compare Suite or upgrade your copy of the application from the official product page.

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