News: DB Best Releases a new version of Database Compare Suite with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics support

14 Jun 2017

DB Best announces the release of Database Compare Suite version 4.9 that now includes support for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics data warehouses.

Ready for Big Data

We provided support for yet another data warehouse platform in the latest release of our ultimate database management tool. Support of Azure Synapse Analytics means that Database Compare Suite now supports 5 popular data warehouse platforms. In addition, we’ve designed some specific operations for Big Data environments. For example, a really significant Fast Data Comparison operation that allows validating data migration in minutes rather than hours.

Generally speaking, the latest Database Compare Suite release brings the total count of available database platforms to 12. They include Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics (previously Azure SQL Data Warehouse), Greenplum, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE and Teradata. That totals to an impressive number of 78 database pairs available for such operations as schema and data migration, synchronization and comparison. Among them, you can find 66 heterogeneous and 12 homogeneous database pairs.

User Interface Upgrades

Also, we improved the interface of the database connection dialog. When you select the ‘Connection String’ mode in the ‘Connect to server’ dialog box, the Database Compare Suite provides you with the example of the required connection string. Its format depends on the selected database dialect.


DBCS 4.9 connection string


Also, we updated the data operations options. Now, using the latest release of Database Compare Suite you may opt for treating the empty values as NULL. This guarantees the very best comparison results for heterogeneous database pairs. Saying heterogeneous, we mean that the source and target databases are based on different database platforms.


Visit the official site to download Database Compare Suite or upgrade your copy of the application.

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