News: DB Best unveils Database Compare Suite 5.0

24 Oct 2019
database compare suite release

DB Best announces a release of a brand new version of Database Compare Suite 5.0. This release brings a whole new look to the user interface of this popular tool for database administrators, developers, DevOps and QA engineers.

What’s new in Database Compare Suite 5.0?

First, we simplified the user interface and application settings of the Database Compare Suite in the latest version. This helps you run all operations smoother, faster, and simpler than ever.

In addition to the user interface, we updated the user experience in Database Compare Suite 5.0. Once again, the update simplifies the workflow and makes it clear for all users. Particularly, we updated the options of schema and data operations.

Database Compare Suite 5.0 User unterface

Another important step relates to adding a new section to the data operations settings. Now you can easily set up matching rules for 2 database objects on the relevant tab.

Finally, we updated the command-line interface of Database Compare Suite. Be sure to check the latest CLI scenario samples for a better understanding of how you can use Database Compare Suite for automating DevOps routine operations.

Download Database Compare Suite 5.0 for free

To sum it up, Database Compare Suite supports 16 database platforms including relational, NoSQL, and cloud databases. Find the full list of supported database platforms on the official Database Compare Suite 5.0 product page. Start your free 14-day trial of Database Compare Suite now! Buy the product license key to use Database Compare Suite for 12 months.

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