News: DB Best Releases Database Compare Suite 4.13

17 Jan 2019
Database Compare Suite 4.13

DB Best announced a release of the new version of Database Compare Suite.

What’s new in Database Compare Suite 4.13?

First, we added the support of Apache Cassandra. This free and open-source database management system became the first NoSQL platform supported by Database Compare Suite. The most important thing is that now Database Compare Suite allows for comparing data between Cassandra NoSQL database and any other relational counterpart, supported by Database Compare Suite. Also, you can run the schema comparison operation between Cassandra and SQL Server databases. Of course, Database Compare Suite supports both data and schema operations between two Cassandra databases. Check the full list of supported database platforms on the official Database Compare Suite 4.13 product page.

We then added several new options in the data operations. They include tolerance and row limit. The first one allows for ignoring the difference between the two decimals. Usually, this comes in handy when comparing data from different databases, which apply different rounding rules to the floating point numbers. The second option allows for comparing the specified number of rows from each table.

Also, the latest version of Database Compare Suite provides users with the ability to search objects of the selected type across the metadata trees by name.

See the release notes to discover other improvements and fixes or get more technical information on our blog.

Download Database Compare Suite or upgrade your copy of the application from the official site.

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