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26 Sep 2019
pro cloud event

On September 21, 2019, DB Best held the first-of-its-kind PRO_CLOUD meetup for IT cloud professionals. This event brought together prolific cloud developers, industry influencers, committed professionals, and data experts.

PRO_CLOUD meetup 2

Our inspiring speakers shared their hands-on experience with cloud platforms and services. Particularly, we discussed:

PRO_CLOUD meetup 4

Heating the crowd of attendees towards the end of our meetup, our .NET developer Artem Ovechko shared a modern version of David and Goliath story. Actually, he told us how to use tiny AWS Lambda functions instead of expensive Windows services.

PRO_CLOUD meetup 2

Putting the icing on the cake in this action-packed one-day event, Aleksandr Glushchenko, CloudOps at Provectus, shared the best practices of managing security issues with thousands of cloud instances on AWS.

PRO_CLOUD meetup 3

Then the attendees of the PRO_CLOUD meetup enjoyed unlimited networking while tasting delicious coffee and snacks.

DB Best was happy to host this magnificent meetup and take part in developing the cloud community. Also, we are convinced that the cloud development community is rapidly growing and the topics we discuss are important for many developers. So, we look forward to hosting yet another independent from any cloud service providers PRO_CLOUD meetup in Kharkiv, Ukraine early next year. Stay tuned for updates and join us to grow professional skills with cloud services and technologies.

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