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Oracle Forms and Reports Migration Improved Business Agility


Published: November 17, 2017


A leading water utility company in Portugal looked for a way to modernize their aging customer management system to enable a change in their business model to provide the service for other regional water providers. Here is how our Oracle Forms and Reports migration improved business agility using our automation tools.


Customer Challange


Our customer’s current solution had several key challenges¬†with their aging Oracle Forms and Reports solutions based on the Oracle 9i database platform.

  • Obsolete Oracle Forms and Reports would not scale for Internet usage
  • Poor usability and lack of internationalization impacted user adoption and billing
  • System complexity resulted in a one-year product development cycle


Oracle Forms and Reports Migration Improved Business Agility


Our internal automated tools and support to migrate Oracle Forms and Reports to Azure services achieved the following results for our customer:

  • Oracle database moved to SQL Server on Azure virtual machines for easier maintenance
  • Oracle Reports automatically migrated to SQL Server Reporting Services for flexibility
  • Oracle Forms migrated to Azure web roles using RESTfull APIs for a modern look
  • Modern application enabled continuous integration to reduce the one year cycle time to a three-week release cycle providing greater ability to respond to business needs


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