Blog: DB Best released a new 1.4 version of Migration Platform

DB Best is proud to introduce a new version of its Migration Platform — an all-around program that enables all types of automated database migration. In this version, we presented several improvements for the key platform modes: Development and Migration projects.

Development project received the support for the SQL Server and Azure platforms, HTML reports for the Test Suite objects, and extra settings for associated and affected objects during and after the test creation. On the other hand, Migration Project received a new pair of the source and target databases: IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL respectively. We also implemented minor upgrades to the Schema Comparison module interface to make its usage easier.

It’s also worth noting the list of supported ODAC types for the Oracle database users has further expanded and now encompasses a whole range its versions.

The list of updates includes:

Development project improvements

We further aim to support one of the distinctive Migration Platform features — Development project. It’s a prime choice emulating the real-world database behavior, extensive testing, and tuning the performance to later transition the changes to the production version of a database.

SQL Server and Azure support

In Migration Platform 1.4, we added the support for Microsoft SQL Server  and Azure SQL Database. Currently, both platforms represent a large share of the database market and it was a logical step to include them in Development Project.

Additional platforms

HTML reports in Migration Platform 1.4

We added the support of HTML reports on top of the existing XML, Excel, and CSV reports for Development Project. It adds extra convenience to the report review for the Test Suite categories, groups, and objects. After creating and saving an HTML report, the browser will automatically present a neat web view of the donut charts. The metadata tree in the left section of the screen allows for choosing the report results for categories, groups, of for separate database objects in detail.

Creating an HTML report in Migration Platform 1.4

The IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL pair addition

For Migration Project, we added support for IBM DB2 as the source platform, a relational database with advanced data management and analytics capabilities. Users can now migrate databases from IBM DB2 to PostgreSQL as the target platform, a free open-source relational database, susceptible to cloud adoption.

A new pair of databases in Migration Platform 1.4

The Schema Comparison module improvements

To make the comparison easy, we implemented two extra tabs for its detailed analysis. Now the Schema Comparison window shows three tabs based on the result: All, Invalid, and Valid. Respectively, each tab reflects the end comparison result between the source and target objects matching. Valid objects can be configured by pressing the Options buttons or right-clicking on the objects and selecting the Configure option in the context menu.

Extra comparison options

ODAC support

We further expand the number of the supported ODAC versions. Find the full list of Oracle Data Access Components compatible with Migration Platform v 1.4 in the user guide.

Free trial download

You can download a free trial version of the DB Best Migration Platform from the official product page. This version works for a limited period. However, if you want to continue using this fully automated database migration product, please drop us a line.

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