Blog: Using smart IoT systems to keep your office manager from going insane

Technologies drive our lives. Smart IoT solutions have found a place in our homes in the form of connected locks, cameras, and alarms. But have you ever thought about using IoT technologies to change office life for the better? For you, we’re going to deep dive into all the tech connecting workplaces.

The perks of running your office from a tablet

For most of us, offices are living places and naturally, we want to feel at home. When we don’t — we find the office manager with our wish-lists, that turn into to-do-lists for them. Running an office of 300+ employees is not an easy task. However, keeping things in order seems far more realistic if the whole office is run from their tablet.

IoT solutions allow office managers to organize meetings, administer recourses and control a million more details. Managing the office space, allowing your team to enjoy their comfortable workspaces, isn’t rocket science. You can have it all by leveraging simple and cost-effective solutions.

IoT builds smart office

DB Best proven solutions

We want to tell you about our own top of the smart IoT solutions those proved to be simple in implementation and highly effective in use.

1. Going wireless

In our world “wireless” is a synonym to “convenient.” You can equip smart workspaces by utilizing a system that allows charging cellphones and laptops with wireless chargers. Through this simple change, teams instantly become far more mobile. Your office will stop facing meeting delays due to flat batteries and the urgent need to find a charger to continue the pitch to your client.

We also should mention wireless screen mirroring, and screencasting solutions. Since the Bring Your Own Device trend is growing, often we need to present data on the big screens from any device, no matter what platform or operating system it uses. A considerable advantage of the wireless screen solutions is that quality of presentation and flow is regulated automatically. The smart system allows for easy updating and monitoring in the cloud and prevents cable mess and faulty adapters.

2. Facial recognition for proactive tracking systems

Advanced facial detection technology uses the neural network for face detection.  With this solution, we are building more complex apps that could identify users in their faces. As a result, you can easily leverage a smart system that will be your best office friend and advisor. When creating a solution from scratch, you can design and train it to handle any task.

You can leverage a neural network to create an app that will recognize people walking into the office, unlock certain doors (and lock others), and greet them in a pleasant voice, asking “how are you today?”.
Utilizing the same approach we can train the system to adjust the office brightness and temperature in the room to a comfortable level. The intelligent system can launch smart coffee machines to make your favorite drink and even recognize if the user is allergic to lactose or nuts.

The neural networks technologies are often used not only for convenience but also to ensure the security of access or wireless payments.

3. Smart voice assistant

It seems like there are more intelligent assistants than there are people – Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, and so on. Voice assistants have changed how we live and interact with our technology. Whether it’s coming home and asking Alexa to turn on the lights or making sure Siri reminds you of your important meeting. However, the limits of voice assistants are only our imagination. Developers, such as the ones here at DB Best, routinely create skills for the workplace to build an interactive and inclusive office.

You can leverage intelligent solutions such as Alexa Meeting logger, integration with GitHub, or train a personal assistant for every employee, no matter if they’re a big boss or not. This personal assistant will provide the employees with useful information like their day plans, meeting agenda, or some advice, make notes for you, and record important discussions at the meeting.

4. Smart notifications

Intelligent and personalized notifications are a huge help for all attentive office managers and an excellent alternative for the tired and true sticky note. Automated notifications are a great way to keep the team concentrated and highly effective. The smart system delivers notifications about meeting starts, spontaneous stand-ups, or an unexpected delay right to your smartwatch.

Here you can also receive notifications that your coffee is ready, your pizza’s just arrived, or you shouldn’t forget to send birthday congratulations to your colleagues.

Smart notifications don’t let us forget about meetings and deadlines. However, we can leverage them to care for your employees. Beginning from simple reminders to drink more water and ending with notifications that help you follow the doctor’s instructions. The latest problem is at the forefront of those suffering from chronical diseases, such as asthma. With smart notifications, we help people navigate their lives.

Artem Lavrov, Android developer at DB Best

5. Machine learning based climate control system

We all know that tension in mid-spring when half the office opens the window, and the other half angrily slams it down. Who suffers here is the office manager, that must arbitrate the sides. However, your office managers could escape that fate if you merely shift all responsibility to the smart climate control system.

Smart climate systems are easy to arrange. Directly leverage machine learning algorithms to determine the comfortable temperature for all employees. The IoT solution will change the heat during the day to help your team work more efficiently and productively. The intelligent system automatically adjusts the climate in particular rooms to the needs of people in that room. Commercially available systems such as Nest thermostats set the right temperature in your office, meeting room or the kitchen. So no matter where your team members go during the day they’ll feel comfortable and happy.

6. Augmented and virtual reality for even more realistic meetings

We’ve all had that Skype call that’s dropped out due to poor network quality. Even when you try to run a traditional audio conference, you never know who’s joined, and you’re left playing ‘Marco Polo’ in a professional business setting. All of this impacts the productivity of your meeting and the mood of your team. The effort to overcome technical challenges lie on the office managers and IT administrators. However, there are a couple of smart solutions to make things better.

You can utilize virtual reality to hold realistic and effective meetings and discussions. The smart IoT solutions leveraging augmented reality will make your team easily interact together clearly seeing in front of you the subject of dispute, be it your new logo, product design or purchase contract. In addition, you’ll have a chance to increase your sales by giving the customers a chance to look at your products by displaying a 3D model in the augmented reality mode. Isn’t that tempting? No more dropped calls and interactive experiences for your clients!

iot solutions for office

7. Resources management

The average office is a proving ground for Murphy’s Law. Any modern workplace runs out of coffee, milk, and any snacks at the most unfortunate of moments. Whether you’re hungry for a cookie, have your whole team staying late on a project, or trying to impress your client, the cupboard is always bare at the worst times. Hungry employees walk away grumbling to themselves “someone really should have been tracking that.”

A smart resource management system will ensure that no one in your office will ever go hungry again. Connected IoT devices detect which products are coming to an end and automatically places an order on Amazon before they run out. Thanks to your smart kitchen, your employees, clients, and office managers will be able to continue their work fully caffeinated.

Why choose DB Best as a partner

DB Best has a vast experience developing smart IoT solutions and utilizing the latest trend technologies such as VR, AR, and machine learning. We believe that making this world a better place is real with simple technological solutions. Contact us to build your unique solution together!

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