Blog: Modernizing your outdated Oracle Forms using an automated Oracle Forms Converter

At the PASS Summit 2019, DB Best introduced a completely reworked Oracle Forms Converter, which is designed to automate conversion from legacy Oracle Forms to a modern Web 2.0 architecture. Originally built in 2015, this technology had gone through a massive rework. We’ve put our hard earned experience to create a state of the art product that we are proud to re-launch.

DB Best team has completed handful of Oracle Forms modernization projects, using this technology. Moving our customers from Oracle Forms to HTML5 and React Native JavaScript front end, we passed several iterations of the product development. This means that we already suffered bumps and bruises to improve all product features. So, now Oracle Forms Converter is mature enough to hit the market and amaze you with its incredible potential.

The key Oracle Forms Converter features include:

  • Analysis of the source Oracle Forms and creation of the modernization Assessment Report
  • Automated conversion of up to 100% of the source Oracle Forms code
  • And established CI/CD solution to deploy all system components

Watch the following video to see how DB Best Oracle Forms Converter works.

Key findings about an automated Oracle Forms Converter

This product addresses key steps of the migration process: Assessment and Code Conversion. In the next blog posts we’ll talk about code Deployment and Test Automation of the converted code. All of this comes with the product out of the box. We are really excited about all these cool features this product has to offer!

Be sure to take advantage of our free Assessment Tool to understand the complexity of your Oracle Forms modernization project. It allows you to analyze the application code and generates a comprehensive report with a ball park estimate of the manual effort required to complete migration.

A convenient GUI of the Oracle Forms Converter offers suggestions on how to address the certain conversion action items. This interactive tool helps you discover the code fragments that cause an action item.

Are you looking for a right path to run your Oracle Forms in any web browser? DB Best already has a proven automated solution to meet your needs. You can download a trial version of our Oracle Forms Converter from the official product page. Take a minute to read our Oracle Forms Converter datasheet and then contact us for a product demo.

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