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Last updated in August 2020

The goal of DB Best blog is to deliver technical content on various completed projects and researches. Publishing over 100 blog posts per year, we pay great attention to the projects, related to the cloud data platforms in general, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in particular. Some of the AWS customers’ stories attract more attention than others, so, that’s why we decided to collect them in one place. We consider these articles must-read and super useful.

Top customers' stories AWS

Please take a look through our list of the most read customers’ stories on AWS.

Top 5 AWS customers’ stories

Working with top-tier customers, we accomplish multiple goals and numerous milestones. All them stack into a huge, long-term project. However, when it comes to sharing the details in the blog, talking about each piece of work we made makes reasonable sense.

1. Moving Oracle and SQL Server databases to AWS

For one of the world’s largest multimedia content providers, we designed a database modernization path. It included moving their rich database environment to the AWS cloud.

Moving Oracle and SQL Server databases to AWS
First, discover the best practices of moving SQL Server to Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS.

Then check out how our customer saved on licensing costs by migrating Oracle databases to Amazon EC2.

2. Adding a PostgreSQL database in the AWS cloud to an existing Oracle database

One of the leading independent software vendors in the educational domain needed to add a new PostgreSQL database running on AWS RDS to their original Oracle database system. First of all, we recommend reading the general overview of this database unification project.

Oracle to PostgreSQL database migration and unification project

However, the devil is in detail. To complete this ambitious project, we needed to implement an automated CI/CD solution and discover deft technical solutions for nontrivial tasks like converting Oracle synonyms to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

3. Developing a global mobile app to break through the Great Chinese Firewall

The DB Best application development team leveraged Amazon Web Services to build an application, which performs equally great in Europe, the US, and China. The key problem we had to solve is limited access to common web services from mainland China.

Amazon Web Services in China

Read the blog post to learn how to overcome these limitations and deliver a truly global mobile application.

4. Migrating PostgreSQL from Amazon RDS to Amazon Aurora

Different Amazon cloud services ensure a different level of performance. Amazon claims that Aurora ensures incredibly high performance for PostgreSQL workloads. We had a unique chance to prove it ourselves — after upgrading the customer’s database and migrating it from Amazon RDS to Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL, they were happy to witness a 12x performance boost. We shared the details of our approach in the blog post and white paper.

5. Migrating PostgreSQL from Amazon RDS to Amazon Aurora

Combining our impressive experience both with Microsoft SQL Server databases and the AWS cloud platform, we completed a benchmark project to validate SQL Server performance on AWS EC2.

Now, by using baseline values for different EC2 instance types and disk configurations, we have an established way to determine if the AWS infrastructure is suitable for our customers. Find out more details in our blog post.

Be sure to check the related AWS DMS post. It uncovers the technical best practices on AWS cloud migrations and cloud database management.

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