Blog: TOP-5 Web Development Articles

Although mobile development has been actively growing for the past several years, web development remains one of the strongest segments of software development market. Having a huge experience in web development, we’re trying to share our most interesting projects and innovative solutions with our DB Best blog readers. To complete our recent review posts here is a selection of the most popular web-development articles and posts.


1. Dedicated Team. Part 1: What Type of Projects Would Benefit from Having a Dedicated Team of Developers?

Often clients turn to us for help with the development of a certain product. When working with this type of requests we usually use 2 main models of engagement: Project- based and Team-based.  In this article we’d like to talk more about one of the most popular Team-based structures- Dedicated Team. Dedicated team is a team of professionals dedicated to one single project. Such model is mostly used for a big project development. Read more>>


2. Case Study: Using WordPress as an Online Platform for a Corporate Website

As our team started working on the new look-and-feel, we already had several primary goals in mind that had to be implemented in the new design. First and foremost, we wanted to provide clear answers to what people are looking for when they visit our website. To understand what customers want, we heavily relied on Google Analytics, our internal analytics systems, and feedback from our support and sales teams across the globe. Read more>>


3. Our Web Design and Web Development Process: 10 Steps from Idea to Production

In this article we want to share with you the key steps involved in creating a successful website. We had spent years creating websites so the process is validated by our customers across many industries and different types of businesses. It consistently delivers awesome results but, at the same time, it’s not a Holy Grail. It’s not a “cookie cutter” solution or magic bullet either. Beyond mere steps, the human element is core – so we may take a little bit different path based on your specific goals. Read more>>


4. Ecommerce Development: Sell More with Magento, Shopify or OpenCart

Some of our customers ask: can DB Best deliver the complete ecommerce solution? Our answer is “Absolutely”. Whether you want to use an open source ecommerce platform, a plug-and-play shopping cart, or an enterprise-level ecommerce app, our talented developers and technical engineers have everything you need to create a successful online store. Read more>>


5. Featured Service: Responsive Website Design and Development with Bootstrap

At DB Best, we want to help you capitalize on new web and mobile opportunities by creating an effective digital strategy for your business. And we’ve been talking a lot about web and mobile development on our blog.

But what does it really take to win on the new, responsive web with its cross-device branding, flexible layouts and visual aesthetics? From now on, we offer Bootstrap design and customization– your site will look and behave great on desktop browsers and in tablets and smartphones. Read more>>