Blog: TOP-5 Mobile Development Articles

Every day we are working hard on developing new features, assembling dozens of builds, running hundreds of tests on our projects. Of course it’s important for us to share our success stories with our DB Best blog readers. Here we would like to present you a selection of the most popular posts we’ve published on mobile development.



Here are our 5 successful articles and blog posts:


1. Data transfer between iOS and Android devices using Wi-Fi

Transferring photo and video files between mobile devices is one of the most common everyday tasks performed by smart phone users. In one of our recent projects we had a task to define and implement the most efficient way for data transfer between the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android. Read More>>


2. Mobile, You Make the Tech World Go Round

The Mobile eco-system has too many moving parts: apps, platforms, data, analytics, APIs, user experience, marketing. When we talk to prospects about their mobile initiatives, we always try to identify client needs, determine their audience, and then lay a framework in order to achieve the desired results. Read more>>


3. Building P2P networks with the help of Bluetooth on iOS and Android devices

peer-to-peer or P2P network is not a new concept. It has been beautifully implemented in some of the very famous products like Napster, Kazaa, Skype to name a few… In this article we will present some technical aspects and challenges of what it takes to build a mobile p2p network over modern mobile devices using iOS and Android. Read more>>


4. Behind The Scenes: Our Mobile Application Development Process from Concept to Release

You might know or not, DB Best started in 2002 as a database migration technology startup. After years of migrating enterprise applications and databases, we saw an opportunity to expand into web and mobile development – it was back in 2008. And already in 2009 we started delivering mobile applications, including games, mobile commerce apps, and communication solutions. Using our smart methodology for designing and building technology products, we’ve created dozens of Android and iOS applications that have been used by millions of users worldwide. Read more>>


5. Pros and Cons of Developing Native vs. Cross-Platform Web-Based Mobile Application

During the last several years the evolution of the mobile market has led both the mobile developers and the clients to face the two core questions:

Should we build a native app for each popular platform (iOS, Android, Win8, Blackberry etc.)   or  should we look for a cross-platform solution?   And if we decide to go with a cross-platform development to lower costs/efforts, should we build it as a native app (using 3d party cross-platform frameworks)   or should we build an HTML5 web-based solution? Read more>>


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