Blog: Top 10 misleading ideas that don’t work in application development

The DB Best team has been building applications for more than 10 years now. These solutions include education, healthcare, social, entertainment, fitness, leisure, and many other sectors. And, a lot of them grew into established businesses and enterprises that started with a bright idea.

The software development path that we follow and lead our clients through is very exciting. With every new project and task, we become wiser meeting new obstacles and handling them successfully. What we have learned at DB Best is to appreciate our triumphs. And even more important, we have learned to value the lessons the industry teaches us.

DB Best blog post about misleading ideas

So, we’d like to share some key misleading ideas that slowed down both — our teams and those of our clients. Ideas that slowed the development process and delayed us from handling the additional obstacles instead of moving further and faster.

1. Always utilize popular technologies

Popular technologies should only be utilized when they have been proven, and when they are modern and up to date.

At the start of the development stage, it is extremely appealing to keep up with the latest trends and go with the latest technology available. Nowadays, even loyal iPhone users mind the updated functionality and look before switching to a new model. And the software solution, no matter how basic or complicated, requires more forethought for technologies choice. So, consider leveraging proven solutions together with following the trends.

The DB Best BD Manager

For example, one of our customers insists on creating an iPad app using React Native simply because this technology is trendy. They don’t plan a cross-platform solution, and still, they don’t want to go with a native Swift.

Valeriya Voloshyna, Business Development Manager at DB Best

2. You can skip the business analysis step

No, you can’t, the bigger your project is, the more you need business analysis.

Very often, our customers create wireframes by themselves and do not recognize the necessity of the BA stage. There are exceptions when it works this way, but not when it comes to complex projects. In this case, you really do need a professional BA. The thing is, this stage covers many more crucial aspects together with wireframing, it includes precise provisions for the client and server-side architecture, and the whole logic of your application. When you try to keep up with all of the above alongside development, you get a mess, project delays, and a pile of mistakes you could avoid. And, yes, planning might seem boring, nevertheless, it proves to be important.

3. Adding more developers will increase the speed of delivery

When in real life adding new developers actually slows things down.

There is an opinion that when you add fresh motivated people to the team, the project progresses faster. The true story is that new people require additional attention and input from experienced with the project colleagues. And the key power contributes to mentoring instead of building new features. It’s not only about introducing the project to a new member and help him start smoothly, but it’s also about supervising his work.

To help your project move forward faster, you should better reconsider the load within the existing team. Look towards wise management instead of major mid-course changes.

4. You must add all application features into the initial release

Your first release is like litmus paper that turns green or red depending on your audience response. The key features are enough here.

In the process of software development, it is better to move step-by-step to avoid strategic mistakes and to avoid losing money. It’s just like in writing, dancing, or another skill that needs time to progress and gain excellence. So, you start with the core and add extras gradually. When it comes to software, we recommend starting with a minimum viable product (MVP). By bringing the core app feature to the market ASAP, you can get feedback from real users and then plan upgrades for the application based on this feedback.

5. Project estimate is the actual time when the project will be completed

At the end of the day, an estimate is only an approximation.

Estimates-DB Best blog post

You should clearly understand this and be ready for different turns of events within the development process. Things may go faster than expected, but at the same time, the developers’ team can discover pitfalls that require workarounds. Sure thing, we usually go with the BA to outline the development flow, outline possible risks, and the ways to cover those risks when they surface. Still, it is impossible to foresee everything, and there are a lot of unknown factors that can arise. As a result, that would be a huge mistake to make estimates as a blood oath. Instead, retain a reliable team to overcome obstacles.

6. You can easily add a new feature into the application

Before adding a new feature into the application, you need to consider the architecture of your application first.

The thing is, not all system components will interact successfully. Every new feature needs to fit the skeleton of the solution and integrate with the rest of the components. And, in the case of different technologies, you are to bring them to the unified format first. For example, if you already have your online store and consider adding augmented reality components to boost sales, take this seriously and research it before you do. Make sure the components match, so the update will not crash the core features.

7. Always create a specific design for your application


Alexander Lytvyn, Project Manager at DB Best

Creating and implementing your own design takes a lot of time. I strongly recommend utilizing native solutions to make the app compatible with all devices on the market.

Alexander Lytvyn, Project Manager at DB Best

The key idea is that the design of your application should align with iOS and Android guidelines. And qualified designers possess this knowledge, and take it to account on the front end. When this consideration is skipped, and developers must work with rough sketches, it slows down and tangles the process. In the latter case, developers will need to create menus, buttons, and controls from scratch. And this approach may lead to unreliable solutions due to lack of knowledge. This results in applications that are not user-friendly and that customers will not appreciate.

8. Developers can work with somebody else’s code as well as with their own

Guessing games might be fun, but you be better to leave them for after-work hours.

When it comes to someone’s else code, it’s often easier for developers to re-write it from scratch, than to discover how it all works or why it’s not working. This situation escalates when you lack project documentation or if it’s not properly created. Then, the developer doesn’t know what principles and logic his predecessor followed and what the results of any changes made would be. So, value the knowledge-keepers and do your best to retain them on your project.  In cases where circumstances are complex, precise project documentation will help the new team understand the code.

9. Application release marks the end of the development process

The truth is that the application development process never ends.

When you have the app, you need to constantly update it, add new features, and reconsider existing ones. You should also support basic functionality and monitor performance constantly to meet users’ expectations. So, after releasing an app, you begin the ongoing application development phase. In this way, you will ensure your solution will progress and be ready to meet market changes and challenges from competitors.

10. After deploying your application to the app store you can sit and wait for the profit

No profit comes without your target audience, and no audience appears without marketing.

Every successful software product of today is not only professionally built, but it is also strongly supported. You need to promote your application with a wise marketing strategy. Literally, you need to showcase the app to your potential users, bring the existence and the profit of your solution to their attention. So, to make things right and reach out to your audience, while evaluating the effort for your project, mind marketing activities.

Let’s start making things right today

Even though it is impossible to develop a solution with zero difficulties, you can avoid the most common misleading steps. In this way, you’ll save time and effort for solving the inevitable challenges.

At DB Best we do our best to avoid the situations described above and help our clients pick the right development path. Need help with designing or development of your application? Get a free estimate for your project, and let’s start making things right today!

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