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Why guess? Learn how augmented reality with 3D objects allows you to try before you buy!
17 Mar 2017

Have you ever asked yourself, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a smartphone application that would show me how a piece of equipment will look on my shop floor before buying? We’re proud to introduce you to an augmented reality iOS application developed by DB Best. This application displays a selected 3D model of production equipment on the screen of iPhone or iPad, adding it to the live camera picture. So, you can explore, how the machinery will fit […]

Using a Neural Network for Face Tracking on Android
02 Mar 2017

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about face tracking basics. We have demonstrated a simple mobile Face Tracking application, based on native iOS frameworks. Nonetheless, it had some serious limitations and restrictions. We will now take a step forward and talk about more complex face tracking mobile application, where a neural network performs the detection of users’ faces. We should note that the implementation of neural networks in mobile applications proved to be quite a challenging task. […]

Discover How Face Tracking Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Business
10 Feb 2017

Detection of human faces in real-time imaging is a common task, which may occur in different areas and fit diverse business demands. Various algorithms were developed to resolve this task, and some of these solutions can be used in mobile applications for iOS or Android. Let us take a look at an iOS application prototype, which demonstrates the implementation of the Face Detection technology in quite a simple and entertaining way. Have a look at the following video to learn […]

Mobile video processing
Mobile Video Processing on the Fly
30 May 2014

Implementation of a mobile app interaction with a handheld device camera, e.g. video recording, is quite a trivial task if we are talking about using the standard recording parameters. In this case a few lines of code will do the trick: the app will connect to the built-in camera, which will make a recording and send the link to the recording back to the app. This initial simplicity however turns into a major problem when implementing algorithms designed to make […]