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Optimizing your Redshift Storage with AWS Schema Conversion Tool
02 Mar 2017

Amazon introduced the new feature called Redshift Optimization for the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) November 17, 2016 release. You can now use AWS SCT to optimize your Amazon Redshift databases. For more information, see Optimizing Amazon Redshift by using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. In the following video, we will demonstrate the essentials of using the Redshift Optimization to improve the query performance. Make sure to check out our new AWS Schema Conversion Tool Jumpstart offer to get you up […]

AWS Schema Conversion Tool: Specific Features of Migrating Data Warehouses to Redshift
14 Dec 2016

This continues our video blog series on the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). In the previous blog post we’ve talked about the general approach of data warehouses migration to Amazon Redshift, and in this article, we are going to dig deeper into the DW migration specific features. Before starting the migration of Greenplum, Netezza, Oracle or Teradata data warehouse to Amazon Redshift, you will want to understand the capabilities and limitations of Redshift. This video will give you a better […]

AWS Schema Conversion Tool: General Approach to Migration of Data Warehouses to Amazon Redshift
06 Dec 2016

This post continues our video blog series on the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). In our previous blog posts, we talked about using AWS SCT for transactional database migration projects. The AWS Schema Conversion Tool also supports migrating data warehouse (DW) workloads to Amazon Redshift. AWS Schema Conversion Tool uses a different approach to DW migration projects compared to the transactional database migration workflow. With transactional databases, you typically have stored procedures, triggers and other database objects which deal with […]

Database Compare Suite 4.5 Released — Amazon Redshift and SQL Server 2000 support
12 Oct 2016

We are proud to announce the latest version of the Database Compare Suite tool, which now adds support for Amazon Redshift and SQL Server 2000. For customers looking to upgrade their SQL Server 2000 database servers, Database Compare Suite is the only tool on the market that supports comparing database schema and data changes with newer versions of SQL Server. This a great timesaver for your upgrade projects! Eight database dialects are now supported in Database Compare Suite. They include: […]