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migrate Apache Cassandra to Amazon DynamoDB
Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool to migrate Apache Cassandra to Amazon DynamoDB
19 Feb 2019

Looking for greater flexibility, speed, and scale for your Apache Cassandra solutions? It’s time to consider Amazon’s DynamoDB as a great alternative. We would like to share our hands-on experience and insights for those looking to migrate Apache Cassandra to Amazon DynamoDB using the new data extraction agents that AWS recently released with the Schema Conversion Tool. This migration approach involves adding an additional datacenter to an existing Cassandra cluster. This datacenter clones all data from the original cluster, and […]

Database decisions for the Internet of Things
11 Mar 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly expanding, and the data being transmitted through it grows immensely along with the network. This is why previous and regular methods of data management can’t cope with the growing needs.

TOP-10 Database Management and Migration Articles
11 Mar 2014

In less than 2 years DB Best professionals have written and posted over 100 technical articles on database migration and management related topics. These articles have gathered more than 20K views, thousands of likes and dozens of comments from various database management professionals from all over the world. In this post we would like to present a concise and informative review of our most rated articles:  

Big Data and NoSQL Technologies
15 Jun 2012

Big Data & NoSQL Technologies (click to download) As a follow-up to my last blog (NoSQL .vs. Row .vs. Column) let’s take a closer look at Big Data and the emerging ‘NoSQL’ technologies in today’s marketplace.  As a refresher, two points to reiterate first: NoSQL means ‘Not Only SQL’, as opposed to ‘Not SQL’, as many perceive There are three main variations of NoSQL out there: Key Value Document Store Column Store It is these variants that we can now examine […]

NoSQL data storage technologies
NoSQL .vs. Row .vs. Column
30 May 2012

The hype and disinformation that grudgingly prevails in the data warehouse world today brings me to raise the debate to a rational level. Let’s set aside 3NF and STAR schemas for a moment and the many flavors of analytics along with all their technologies. Let’s temporarily ignore e-commerce, database migrations, business intelligence, and data collection and processing systems. Instead let’s look at three different data storage technologies. These are NoSQL, row based, and column based databases: NoSQL – very new, lots […]