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Amazon QuickSight basic steps
Amazon QuickSight Introduction — Part 2
20 May 2019

In our second Amazon QuickSight introduction blog post we will go through the basic steps in building a dashboard. These steps include importing a CSV data set, creating calculated fields and data analysis. The data being analyzed is in regards to non–local employee travel which is a public access data set and the source of the data is data.gov. We utilized the data set of employee travel data (non-local) of Montgomery County of Maryland. This data set gives insights into […]

Amazon QuickSight Introduction
Amazon QuickSight Introduction — Part 1
07 Nov 2018

In this Amazon QuickSight introduction, we will show you how to build a dashboard and make basic data visualizations. Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based data visualization tool provided as a service with pay-per-session pricing, We were curious to see what it would take to create a QuickSight visualization similar to the visualization created in our earlier blog post, “Embedding Power BI Reports in a WordPress Blog”. The visualizations show the TOP 5 registered female and male first names per state, […]